wholesale juice concentrate suppliers

Description of wholesale juice concentrate suppliers

wholesale juice concentrate suppliers

Iranian people pay special attention to eating different fruits, even fresh fruits or juice, and enjoy being healthy by receiving vitamins and minerals through them. It can be said that well-known Iranian concentrated fruit and juice manufacturers tried their best to bring real fruit flavors in form of fruit juice concentrate as well as fruit puree concentrates. It is the main purpose of our company, as one of the concentrated juice manufacturers, which extract fruit juice from a variety of fresh fruits by using technical and mechanical processes in order to provide products to wholesale juice concentrate suppliers all around the world. In order for our international customers, the shipping is considered, and concentrate fruits are provided in aseptic packaging in our factory in order to have a suitable delivery without any contamination risks.

Concentrated Fruit Juice

In order to get familiar with concentrated fruit juice generally, it is better to start with their history. Concentrated fruit juice was first developed in the late 18th century as a way to provide nutritious fruit and food for soldiers in the war in order to keep them healthy. The fruit concentrate was developed all around the world because producing it requires lower storage capacity in comparison with actual juice which, makes the products cheaper to store and ship.

There are several types of Iranian concentrated fruit such as:

  1. Apple Juice concentrated Brix 70
  2. Sour cherry Juice concentrate Brix 65
  3. Grape Juice concentrate Brix 65
  4. Date Juice concentrate
  5. Plum concentrate
  6. Pomegranate Juice concentrate brix 65

Producing concentrated fruit juice

 The most important process of making concentrated fruit juice is removing fruit pulp and skin, then separating and extracting its juice. When most of the fruit’s liquid is removed, the remaining is a thick liquid, a syrup-like product known as concentrated fruit juice. Concentrated fruits are made by washing fruits thoroughly, scrubbing them for a better cleansing effect, crushing them, or blending them to produce a thick but smooth liquid. Iran concentrate fruit made from 100% fruit is the healthiest choice. Red fruits are mainly kept at -18̊ c temperature but other types of fruits can be kept at a normal temperature in refrigerators.

Why use concentrated fruit?

As far as we know there are a great number of fruits that are not available in different geographical regions on earth, but since they are nutritious and healthy, there is a strong willingness among people who live in other parts of the world to have them.  Our company as a concentrated fruit and fruit juice supplier investigates the international markets in order to make special fruit juice concentrates and fruit purée concentrates accessible in those areas. Imagine drinking tropical concentrated fruit juice in the coolest areas of the Earth. How enjoyable it would be! Another reason for using concentrated fruit is to provide nutrients to the body and the pleasure of using the delicious and desirable taste of Iranian fruits in all countries of the world. If you are starting a healthy lifestyle, using fruits on a regular daily basis, or are looking for a new ingredient for confectionary matters, fruit concentrates can be a suitable choice for you.

Concentrate fruit nutritional facts

Most people think that concentrated or semi-cooked fruit does not have much nutritional value. It should be mentioned that fat and protein will not be affected by the concerting process, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E are also preserved like other minerals. So concentrated fruit will provide all the vitamins and minerals for the body.

Concentrate fruit usage in our daily diet

  1. Fruit or vegetable concentrates often are used in beverages to add color, flavor, or nutrition. In some examples, concentrated juice is considered a characteristic flavor of the beverage.
  2. Add a few drops to your ice cream to create a unique and new taste.
  3. The baking and confectionary industry is one of the main ways to use fruit juice concentrate. It can be used as a sugar substitute as it contains a great amount of sweetness from the fruit but holds much more nutrition to create a healthier substitution for your favorite baking goods.

Concentrate fruit price Iran

Iranian concentrate fruit price depends on the type and quality that you request for. Lots of factors such as the type of fruit, the price of the fruit in that specific season, and its availability can affect the price of this high-quality product in the market.

Needing help?

If you are a regular juice concentrate customer or even are willing to start work as a wholesale juice concentrate supplier do not hesitate to consult and start your job as an exporter today. Our products have all the features, vitamins, and nutrition that exist in natural fresh fruits such as apples, plums, pomegranates, peaches, grapes, and so on. It would be a good deal to order deliciously concentrated fruit and fruit juice that will be delivered to you as soon as possible, no matter in which country. You will remember us forever because of the high quality of our products and the nutrition that your body will acquire. Check out  Kouroshfoods’ website as one of the best fruit juice concentrates suppliers in Iran which provides all kinds of Iranian fruit products. 

To sum it up

Kouroshfoods which is one of the Iranian suppliers, with its prodigious experience in the field of concentrated fruit and juice production, has been able to create a reliable brand of high-quality products such as different kinds of concentrated Fruit Juice during its brilliant history. Our company offers a high-quality range of fruit concentrates. We have provided fresh and tasty, rich, and authentic fruit juice and concentrated fruits for all  consumers and wholesale juice concentrate suppliers all around the world that can provide them in a flash of time by ordering them online through our website.