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Cheese potato chips 

If you are one of those people sensitive to the smell of food, you must have looked at a person opening a bag of chips next to you curiously. And also the smell of cheese mixed with cheese has made you unable to control yourself and have the desire to taste Cheese Chips. V-nito chips which contain different flavors, make it hard to avoid eating these cheeses.

 Nutritional values

In the production of cheese potato chips, high-quality potatoes, high in starch, are used. Cheddar cheese and Nacho flavor are combined to season and add a special flavor to the chips. The following nutrients are included in 30 grams of cheese flavored chips:

  • 164.6 Kcal Energy
  • 10.5 gr Fat
  • 4.2 gr Saturated fat 
  • 15.7 gr Total Carbohydrate 
  • 1.8 gr Protein
  • 160.5 mg Sodium
  • 0.63 g Dietary Fiber
  • 0.4 gr Salt

Different uses

Potato chips can be healthier than any other cheeses containing artificial ingredients. Accordingly, one of the widest uses of cheese chips is to eat them as cheeses between meals. Using them as a side dish is another usage of these chips. People prefer a special taste in food or food recipes. For example, people who are craving chicken fries can enjoy these chips with chicken. The good taste of cheese flavored chips is also unique in fast foods like hot chips. Cheese flavored potato chips can be mixed with other flavors of chips or popcorn for a modern reception at the party.

Daily usage

Cheese flavored potato chips have a very good flavor and smell, that’s why they may be tempting to eat. But since potato chips are not a main dish and can only be used as a cheese, we must be careful in our consumption amount. Consequently, People who are on a diet or those who suffer from high blood fat and cholesterol should be careful about the amount of consumption.


The special taste of cheese flavored potato chips can delight your taste buds as a great cheese, while chips are much healthier than other foods with artificial sweeteners.


After frying the thin slices of potato chips in the factory, a combination of Cheddar cheese and Nacho flavor is added to it in the seasoning phase. Then a certain amount of chips is poured into the bag and filled with Nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas is used to maintain the quality of the used materials in the production of potato chips. Therefore, the amount of air in the potato stuff is Nitrogen gas, not Oxygen. The reason for not using Oxygen gas in chip pockets is the reactivity and fast reaction of oxygen with other food molecules, which can lead to spoilage and loss of the quality of chips.


The price of cheese potato chips is very appropriate and affordable for all fans of this type of chips. The cost of this type of chips depends on the quality of the potatoes used in it, the quality of natural Cheddar and natural Nacho cheese, and also the type of packaging. V-nito cheese chips from Kourosh Foods company are high-quality and without any artificial additives along with an affordable bulk price.

Last notes

Various chips with different tastes are produced naturally without the addition of artificial colors, preservatives, and any other synthetics in Kourosh Foods Company. Cheese flavored chips have been one of the most popular products in the cheese category in Kourosh Foods, which is sold under V-Nito brand. This company offers the best services to customers. After customers order, the best method to send products is chosen and the chips products will reach the customers in stylish and durable packaging as soon as possible. To order cheese-flavored chips, call today.

Potato chips are considered one of the healthy cheeses to be consumed between meals. In Kourosh Foods Company, chips with different flavors, especially cheese potato chips, are produced with the best potatoes and natural ingredients. The production method of chips is without using preservatives or artificial additives. To order the flavor of your favorite chips, contact us today.

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