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Balsamic vinegar chips

Potato chips with balsamic vinegar flavor are one of the various tastes for chips. People who tend to eat snacks with a slightly sour taste prefer balsamic vinegar-flavored chips over other flavors in their snacks. This type of crunchy snack can be used alone or as a side dish with many meals. Balsamic Vinegar Chips, seasoned with natural balsamic vinegar, can be a great substitute with a unique taste for other snacks.

Nutritional values

Balsamic vinegar potato chips are energy-rich snacks that contain the following nutrients in every 30 grams:

  • 164 Kcal Energy
  • 10.5 gr Fat
  • 4.2 gr Saturated fat 
  • 15.7 gr Total Carbohydrate 
  • 1.8 gr Protein
  • 160.5 mg Sodium
  • 0.63 g Dietary Fiber
  • 0.4 gr Salt

Different uses

Potato chips with different flavors have many fans in different countries and among various cultures all around the world. Balsamic vinegar potato chips can be used as snacks along with other flavors of chips or popcorn. The other way to consume chips is to prepare fast foods such as hot chips and other kinds of food recipes. Skilled cooks use chips for food toppings or side dishes. They use chips next to their main dish to add a new flavor and design to their food. Balsamic vinegar-flavored chips can be used with slightly sweet foods to create a different taste.

Daily usage

Potato chips are a very crunchy and delicious snack that people of all ages like to consume. Since they are high in energy and fat, the best amount in a daily diet is about 30 gr. People with a special diet or high blood fat should be careful about the number of chips they consume.

Balsamic vinegar on the chips provides a yummy flavor for potato chips. These chips can be consumed as high-calorie snacks or as ingredients in some fast foods.

Packing and storage

After the stage of frying the thin slices of potatoes and turning them into chips, the seasoning stage is done to add balsamic vinegar to the chips, natural balsamic vinegar is mostly used. Then, in the packaging stage, a specified amount of chips (30 gr) is poured into the pocket and then filled with nitrogen gas. Finally, the pocket is pressed and closed tightly. The use of nitrogen gas is to keep the taste and quality of potatoes for a long time.


The price of chips is not usually very expensive as snacks.  However, the price of vinegar chips depends on various factors, including the type of potato used for it, the quality of the potato, the type of oil used to fry, the flavoring and spices, and finally the type of packaging. In Kourosh foods, Balsamic Vinegar Chips are offered with modern packaging and reasonable price.

Last notes

Kourosh Foods is one of the Iranian suppliers of different chips with various flavors. It is a reliable and well-known brand in providing high-quality products online. Natural balsamic vinegar chips are one of Kourosh Foods’ products that are provided in modern packaging. If you want to buy balsamic-flavored chips and are willing to have this wonderful taste next to your food or use it as a snack between your meals, get this special product at the best price in Kourosh Foods. The procedure of sending customers’ orders will be done in the best method of shipping by the customer service in this company. Do not miss this delicious snack!

One of the most delicious snacks that have a special and different taste is potato chips with the taste of balsamic vinegar. This type of flavored potato chips is produced with natural balsamic vinegar and is presented in stylish packages in Koroush Foods. If you are a fan of different flavors of chips, add balsamic vinegar chips to your snacks.

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