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Salted Potato Chips

One of the nostalgic flavors of chips is salt potato chips. Before seasoning chips with other flavors, everyone enjoyed eating salty chips as snacks. For seasoning salty chips, sea salt, and some pepper are added just after frying the sliced potatoes, which is a healthy salt without iodine. Salty chips can be a high-calorie snack for providing energy during the day. People with low blood pressure can use salted chips in small amounts as snacks to regulate their blood pressure. 

Nutritional values

Salt and pepper potato chips are high in energy and fat. These snacks include the following nutrients in every 30 grams:

  • 164.6 Kcal Energy
  • 10.5 gr Fat
  • 4.2 gr Saturated fat 
  • 15.7 gr Total Carbohydrate 
  • 1.8 gr Protein
  • 106.5 mg Sodium
  • 0.63 g Dietary Fiber
  • 0.26 gr Salt

Different uses

Since potato chips have a popular taste among people of all ages, they have been used in various creative ways over time, for example, chips can be simply used as snacks or to design foods. Or they can be served as a side dish next to the main food. Other ways of using salt potato chips are in the recipe of many dishes such as hot chips, chips and cheese, chips and sausages, and other fast foods of this kind.

Daily usage

Chips are high in calories and fat, so the best amount in a daily diet is about 30 gr. Salt chips are very tasty and crunchy, and they are the most favorable taste for all people, especially children. So, People who are on a diet or people who suffer from High blood fat and cholesterol should be careful about consuming chips.

Chips salt is one of the most delicious flavors of chips, which have been a favorite taste for people over the years. Chips can be used as a snack or in various food recipes.

Packing and storage

To maintain the quality of chips for a long time, the most important part is their packaging. In the factory, after frying the potatoes and turning them into chips, the seasoning process is done to add salt and pepper to them. Then, a certain amount of potato chips is poured into the pockets. The space of the pocket is filled with nitrogen gas. Finally, the pockets are tightly pressed and sealed. Salty chips can be presented in a modern and hygienic way in Kourosh Foods.


Sea salt potato chips are one of the most appropriate snacks in terms of price, but the final price of this product depends on some factors such as the type and the quality of the potato, the kind of oil used in frying potatoes, and the price of sea salt. In Kourosh Foods, this kind of highly demanded chips is offered at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Last notes

Kourosh Foods is one of Iran’s suppliers of various high-quality chips. In Kourosh foods, you can have your favorite chips of the highest quality in a stylish packaging and the shortest possible delivery time. The methods of transporting customers’ orders are always the best and most reliable shipping methods. If you want to order salted chips and use these quality chips in your meals, call us today.

Salty chips are one of the oldest flavors and the best flavor of potato chips according to everyone’s taste. This kind of potato chips is made from the best potatoes offered by Kourosh Foods. If you are interested in salty chips for consumption as snacks or if you are keen on different foods such as hot chips or chips and cheese, contact Kourosh Foods today.

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