Natural Heated Date Paste

Heated date paste is considered as a healthy alternative to sugar for people who want to avoid eating artificial sweeteners.


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Natural Heated Date Paste

Natural Heated Date Paste  extract of date fruits that is produced from clean, sound, properly matured Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera L). Fruits are washed and hydrated, pitted, passed through multiple filters till a homogenous textured self-conserving paste with desired brix and thickness is obtained. Entire processing is done in vacuum air-free, highly resistant stainless steel production lines without human contact. No chemicals, additives or preservatives except raw dates and pure potable water. Heated date paste is considered as a healthy alternative to sugar for people who want to avoid eating artificial sugar. If you are looking for a high quality heated date paste, as the best date supplier and producer in Iran we can help you.

Natural Heated Date Paste Nutritional Value

Natural heated date paste is a great replacement for artificial sweeteners and it is also a source of many Vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C and calcium.

100 grams of  heated date paste has 315 Calories, 78g Carbohydrates, 2g Protein, 848mg, 0g Fat, 993 Potassium, 15mg Sodium and etc.


Date Paste in Our Daily Diet

Natural heated date paste is a source of energy. you can consume between 1 to 2 tablespoons of date paste per day. Although if you are on a diet and you are looking forward to lose weight, it is recommended that you ovoid consuming too much date syrup and date paste.

Date paste has the following benefits for your health:

  1. A great source of antioxidants, which makes any related products healthy like date paste for the immune system. And can lower the probability of cancer.
  2. A great source of minerals and vitamins which are necessary for your health and you extra give you extra strength. They have zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron.
  3. They are a great source of energy. Hence, eating only one spoon of date paste in the morning can give you energy all day long.
  4. a safe choice for people with diabetes
  5. it is cholesterol free. Therefore, people with heart diseases can safely eat date paste.

Natural Heated Date Paste price

Date paste price differs depending on the quality, the brix and the packaging of the product you request for. Get the best price of dates in Iran from kouroshfoods.


Packaging Information

We provide this product in 2 forms of packaging:

  1. 10kg boxes
  2. 250 kg barrel

We can arrange other packing types by customer’s request.


Shipping Arrangement

We have the most experienced shipping agents and depending on your circumstances and your terms, we choose the most convenient way for shipping your order. On the last step of your order, we collect all the needed data to determine the best shipping arrangement based on your needs. So do not hesitate!  Please go ahead and contact us. We do our best to deliver your order, by the best and the most secured shipping method, in good quality and at the most convenient possible time.


Last word

If you are looking for changing your diet and replacing the artificial sugar in your daily usage to a healthy and nutritious altenative, date paste can be the perfect choice for you. Please check out our official website to find information about all iranian dates and our other products. Kindly, contact us for your order.

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