Dried pears nutritional value

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Dried pears

Pear is one of the fruits with numerous properties and it is applicable in the treatment of many diseases. Dried pears are also one of the most popular dried fruits. The dried pears packages are prepared in a completely hygienic place. Our iranian dried fruits and nuts are under food safety standards and have the health apple label.      

You can buy bulk dried orange slices packages with the highest quality. We intend to satisfy our customers and our team tries hard to reach this aim. Dried pears have plenty of benefits for the buyers. One of the properties of dried fruit is the low weight of the dried fruit. That’s why it is easy to buy the dried fruit package and transport it. Dried pear is one of the products with many properties and has a high nutritional value. The nutritional value of dried pears is very high due to its naturalness, and for this reason, it attracts special fans all over the world and is offered to them in bulk.

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 Dried pears nutritional value

If you eat a cup of dried fruit you will take 2 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber. This dried fruit has 470 calories. The dried pear has many minerals such as iron, copper, vitamin C, potassium, sodium, and many other beneficial vitamins. Dried pears are liked by many people all over the world due to their blood pressure controlling effect. As the pears contain a huge amount of potassium it leads to the dilation of the blood vessels. Therefore, the blood flow gets better and that is good for your bones. You can eat dried pears and improve the functionality of your immune system and that’s because of Vitamin C. to maintain bone density, doctors recommend eating pears because the pears contain vitamin K which is a crucial nutrient for blood clotting. Dried fruits are healthy and they are counted as therapeutic food. As you eat dried fruit you feel energetic and you can keep fit at the same time. There is no artificial sugar in dried pear slices and you will follow a healthy diet. Everyone must mind his health condition. To have a healthy lifestyle you need to eat healthy food too, so we highly recommend eating dried fruit instead of harmful junk food. Eating natural foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains is very effective in maintaining health. Dried fruits are a good supply of necessary nutrients for your body. The digestion of dried pears is easy and even elderly people can have them in their diets. So, they can purify their blood.

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The benefits of dried pears

Among the properties and benefits of consuming pears for the body, the followings are the benefits of dried fruit: Help to treat heart diseaseHelp to treat cancerIt is beneficial for people with diabetes since it is rich in cellulose and sorbitol. Help to lose weight and keep fitHelp controlling feverHelps lower blood cholesterol levelsPrevent constipationPears are one of the sweet fruits that do not harm diabetics. The type of pear sugar is fructose, which due to its low absorption rate, prevents sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The sugar in pears is highly sensitive to insulin and is absorbed with a small amount of insulin. So, diabetics can safely include a good number of dried pears in their daily intake. 

Dried pears nutritional value

Due to the presence of fiber (pectin type), pears become bulky in the stomach and give you a feeling of satiety. Although dried pears have relatively high energy, it does not raise and lower blood glucose level all at once, so it does not cause hunger in the body. The ingredients in pears are very useful for strengthening the body after diseases that deplete human strength and power. Of course, in the recovery period of diseases such as tuberculosis, anemia, and severe weakness, eating dried pears is also very beneficial.

Where to buy organic dried pears?

 In our company, we offer a variety of dried fruits, including naturally dried pears, with excellent quality and at a reasonable price, and our only goal is to fulfill your needs. Our online team is ready to provide you the dried fruit packages and we will guide you in any field to experience high quality at an affordable price. Everyone is looking to buy dried pears at a reasonable price. But the point that you should keep in mind before buying this product is that several factors in the market affect the price of dried pears, including the following: Weight and volume of the dried fruit packages, product quality, and the freshness of the dried pears. Based on the mentioned points, we suggest that if you are looking to buy a product at a reasonable price, be sure to consider these factors before buying.  The producer of the best type of dried pears always tries to provide the best and highest quality product at a very reasonable price to customers so that all customers from different countries can buy their desired product. Our company tries to supply dried fruit packages with these features to satisfy your customers.

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Natural dried pears price

Naturally dried pears have different prices and the price of each of them is determined according to different factors, each of which is important in its place and determines the final price of the product. Also, the price of dried pears is not fixed and changes day by day, so it is not possible to set a definite price for it, so you can view the list of the most up-to-date prices online.


How to make dried pears?

 After washing and drying the pears, cut them into slices with a thickness of three to five millimeters.  Cut the ends and remove seeds. Then, with a kitchen brush, rub a little sour lemon juice on them. Place the pears on a clean tray in the oven. Then set the temperature at 50 ° C and let it get dehydrated for 12 to 24 hours until they get completely dry. During this time, turn them upside down several times. After drying completely, put the pears in a plastic bag or a jar and keep them in the freezer.s

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