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Fruits are one of the most important and main food groups that play a very important role in human nutrition. But fresh fruits are not always available. That is whybuying iranian dried fruits and nuts as a dried fruit has become so popular among the people. In fact, drying the fruit is a human solution to prolong the shelf life of fruits so that their properties remain.

Nowadays, you can buy dried fruit packages from most reputable nuts stores, which are packaged industrially and, of course, completely hygienically, using fully automatic machines. kourosh Dried Fruit Industry is the best supplier of dried fruits that uses the most modern and up-to-date methods of production, preparation, packaging and distribution of dried fruits. Many people who want to buy dried fruits, want to have easy access to these products, for this purpose, they use easier shopping methods such as buying dried fruits online. But this question will probably be asked for them as well as for you, what are the characteristics of the products of the best supplier of dried fruits and where can the best dried bulk fruit be obtained? What are the health benefits of dried fruit? These are the questions we are trying to answer.

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In fact, it should be noted that the bulk dried fruits that are prepared in the kourosh dried fruit industry are completely hygienic and are packaged and prepared by special machines. Not only are these packages completely hygienic, but they also have a health license and expiration date, which makes you use these products with confidence. Freshness, quality and quality of dried fruit prepared in this factory are of great importance and are examined in a special way.

How to choose and buy dried fruit?

 Buying dried fruits online and contacting sales experts and getting guidance from these people is a daily method that has been considered and used in the kourosh nuts and beans industry. Dried fruit is one of the options used in parties, celebrations, leisure and various diets, so its quality and first class are very important. Buy dried fruits online in bulk and in part from stores and sites that have enough credibility and expertise in this field. kourosh Dried Fruit Industry is one of the most specialized stores in the field of preparing and producing dried fruits in packaged and completely hygienic. The bulk dried fruits that are prepared in this store are thoroughly examined in terms of humidity, heat, storage time and storage method in order to provide the best products with the highest possible quality to the customers.


How to keep fresh fruit after buying it?

 If you plan to store dried fruits that you buy in packages for a long time, you should follow the tips to keep the quality of the dried fruit. One of these points is that the storage of these fruits should be completely cool so that the heat can not destroy their texture and reduce their quality. In fact, depending on the condition in which you store the dried fruit, it can be stored well for four months to a year.
Exposure of dried fruits to light can cause their quality to deteriorate. Keeping them in cabinets or cupboards can also jeopardize their quality. Therefore, it is better to store dried fruits in cold and dark environments to have a longer life.
Usually professional suppliers of dried fruits try to use the refrigerator to maintain their quality. Cold is the best friend of dried fruits, which makes them last longer.

The important thing is that quality dried fruits do not have any moisture at all. The presence of any moisture can cause dried fruits to spoil quickly. If you are planning to buy dried fruits online in bulk, we suggest that you contact us for advice and to buy high quality dried fruits with appropriate and hygienic packaging.

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How to buy from kourosh dried fruit industry?

kourosh Dried Fruit Industry produces its dried fruits from the best farms and orchards in Iran organically and completely fresh, and then dries and packages them in a completely hygienic way, using the best and most equipped industrial machines. 

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To buy from us, you can call the numbers on the website to discuss your purchase with the sales department. Also, by filling in the form on the pages related to different products and sending it to us, the sales support department will contact you so that your order is registered and ready to be sent.

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