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Date is one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. It’s tillage come back to about 8000 BC in Mesopotamia. Based on this information, we can say that dates have been a very valuable source of nutrition in ancient times. The importance of date is so great that it is called the “tree of life” in some Arab countries. Date is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The high amounts of fiber in date improve the health of the digestive system. There are more than 200 types of dates with different shapes and tastes in the world. In this article, we get to know some types of dates. If you couldn’t find your intended type of date in this article, you can call our experts for more information and mazafati dates price in iran.

16 favorite types of dates:

 1.Medjool dates

2.Piarom dates

3.Deglet Noor dates

4.Original Kimia Dates

5.Kabkab dates

6.Zahidi dates

7.Rabbi dates

8.Sayer dates

9.Dayri dates

10.Barhi dates

11.Halawy dates

12.Safawi dates

13.Sukkari dates

14.Khudri dates

15.Ajwa dates

16.Thoory dates


1. Medjool dates

Medjool dates are also known as “dates queen”. This type of date is sweet and very tasty. Medjool date have soft skin and yarn like texture. Its color is usually amber to reddish brown.  Due to its caramel taste, Medjool dates are used for making various sweets, shakes, smoothies and nut bars. Medjool dates are available the whole year. Medjool dates are grown in Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the United States. 

 2. Piarom dates (The oldest type of date)

 Piarom dates are placed in the group of semi-dry dates because of low and about 15% of humidity. The taste of Piarom date is very sweet and special and it is very popular because of its deliciousness. The sugar in this date is suitable for diabetics. Piarom is one of the oldest types of date and according to archeological evidence, it has been cultivated in Mesopotamia since 6000 BC.  Today, this type of date is grown throughout the Middle East and the countries around the Persian Gulf. The highest amount of production of Piarom date in Iran is in Haji Abad region in Hormozgan. 

 3. Deglet Noor dates

Deglet Noor date is considered as semi-dry dates. It has very sweet and delicate taste. In fact, we can say that the real taste of date belongs to Deglet Noor. This date is available in medium to large size and its color is amber to dark brown. This type of date has a vast usage indications and because of the special taste and ease of cutting, it is used in various recipes. Due to lots of usages and special taste, 95% of American cultivation of date is Deglet Noor. When we put this date in front of the sun, the center turns golden and because of this, it is also known as “Date of the light”.Deglet Noor date is grown in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and the United States and its harvest time is later than other dates. 


4. Original Kimia Dates

Mazafati date is a kind of date with smooth texture and sweet taste like caramel and chocolate. The moisture of this date is about 30% and it has the highest moisture among other dates. The shape of Mazafati date is good and it is dark brown. This date is rich in vitamins and fiber and it is used as a nutritious snack. Mazafati date is very favorite among Muslims because of its taste and fleshiness. Mazafati date is produce in Iran. Kerman and specially the Bam city has the most production of this type of date in the world. 

 5. Kabkab dates

Kabkab date is one of the native types of dates of Iran. This type of date has soft texture and sweet taste. Kabkab date has less than 18% moisture and it is brown. Kabkab is one of the best types of date for producing industrial bread and sweets and it is usually used to production of palm sap. Kabkab date is grown in the southern parts of Iran specially in Bushehr and a part of Fars provinces. 

 6. Zahidi dates

Zahidi date is sweet, semi-dry and medium sized. The color of this date is golden and it has high amount of nectar and fiber. Zahidi date has soft and yarn like texture and it is usually used to production of date sugar and derivatives. Use of Zahidi date has good effects on many diseases such as indigestion, anemia and improving of memory and eyesight. Zahedi date is also known as “Nobility”. This date was cultivated in Iraq in the early twentieth century for the first time. 

 7. Rabbi dates

Rabbi date is one of the popular types of dates. This date is sweet and has smooth and soft pulp. Rabbi date is a semi-dry and reddish black date. This date can be used alone or as a sweetener in different types of cookies, ice cream and cakes. Rabbi date is one of the oldest types of dates and is grown in south of Iran specially in Sistan and Baluchistan province. 


8. Sayer dates supplier

Sayer date is one of the Iranian types of date with an unique taste. Sayer date is considered as semi-dry dates. The color of Rabbi date is yellow to reddish amber and dark brown. This date can be used as a snack or in different kinds of foods. Sayer date is native to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf countries.

 9. Dayri dates

This type of date is red skinned and has soft pulp and the color of the ripe fruit is amber and it turns golden brown after storage. Dayri date has a sweet and special taste. It is usually used to make different foods. Because of its large size, it can be filled with bacon and cheese and used. Dayri date is produced in Basra, Iraq. 

 10. Barhi dates

The name of this date is came from the famous Arab winds called “Barh”. The skin of Barhi date is hard and flat and it has a very pleasant and caramel taste. This date is serotinous and has the smallest size among dates. The color of Barhi date is amber to golden brown. Barhi date is high in moisture so it is suitable for use in different desserts and sweets. Barhi date can be kept frozen for a long time. Barhi date is native to the Persian Gulf and Arab countries. This date imported from Basra to California in the early twentieth century. 



 11. Halawy dates

Halawy date is one of the most sweet and fragrant types of date. Halawy date has a taste like caramel and honey. The name of this date is came from an Arabic word called “حلاوه” which means sweetness. It’s color is golden and its pulp is smooth and soft. Halawy date is easy to melt in the mouth and is a suitable option for people who interested in caramel. This type of date is usually eaten along with cheese and salty foods. Halawy date is one of the old types of date and it was produced in Mesopotamia for the first time. Currently, this date is cultivated in Arab countries.

 12. Safawi dates

Another type of date is Safawi date. The color of Safawi date is black with brown streaks and it’s medium sized. Safawi date is rich in vitamins and minerals. The fame of this date is for treating anemia and poisoning and if eaten when stomach is empty, it can kill stomach worms. Safawi date improves the digestive system. This date is cultivated in Saudi Arabia, specially in Medina.  


13. Sukkari dates

Sukkari date is a sweet and crispy kind of date. This date is high in quality compared to other dates. The name of Sukkari date is taken from the Arabic word “Sukkur” which means sugar. Sukkari date is famous as “dates king”. Its color is golden and light and it is easy to melt in the mouth. Sukkari date is used to treat extreme tiredness, reduction of cholesterol and prevention of tooth decay. This date can be used to make various sweets and desserts but before consumption it should be soak in water for a while. Sukkari date is cultivated in Al-Qasim area of Saudi Arabia. 
14. Khudri dates

Khudri date is available in small and big size and it’s often exported due to long durability and cheap price. The color of this date is dark brown and its skin is wrinkled but it is not placed in group of dry dates. Khudri date contains high amounts of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Based on researches, this date has anti-cancer features and it is effective on reinforcement of the heart. Khudri date is used to make different kinds of desserts because of its good taste. Khudri date is cultivated in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

 15. Ajwa dates (The most expensive date in the world)

 Ajwa date is one of the most expensive dates in the world. This type of date has a sweet and cinnamon like taste. Ajwa date is considered as dry dates but it has a soft texture. Many people believe that this date has therapeutic features. According to a Hadith from Prophet Mohammad, eating seven dates in the morning protects people from all kinds of magic and poisoning during the day. Ajwa date is produced in Medina, Saudi Arabia. 

16. Thoory dates

Thoory date is dry and it has a rather sweet and nutty taste. The color of this date is golden brown and it’s available in medium to large size and it has less stickiness compared to other kinds of dates. Thoory date is very suitable for making different types of bread and because of this, it’s known as “bread date”. Thoory date is one of the favorite dates in Algeria and California. Due to the low moisture of Thoory date, it can easily use for making granola. Thoory date or “Thuri” is native to Algeria and it is produced there. Which type of date do you like the most? Get to know with different types of dates.


The mentioned dates are among the most popular types of dates. There are other types of dates which include:

 Ambera dates, Maktoom dates, Migrat dates, Saghai dates, Iteema dates, Kalmi dates, Khadrawi dates, Khola dates, Mabroom dates, Saidy dates, Dry dates, Soft dates, Semi-Soft dates, Warehouse dates. All types of dates have many benefits for health, by choosing any of them depends on your taste, you can take advantage of their valuable virtues. To buy any types of high-quality Iranian dates, select your required date as much as you want from product menu and order easily.

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