What are the properties of dried apricots?


How much dietary fiber is there in organic dried apricots? What are the best-dried apricots? Apricot is a soft, fleshy, yellow fruit from the rose family that ripens in early summer, commonly referred to as golden summer apricots.  This fruit is native to China apricot is a Latin name for it. It was introduced to […]

What are the benefits of peanuts?


Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients for good health and contain 20 amino acids, the most abundant of which is arginine, which has a great effect on stimulating the immune system. In addition, it is rich in several vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that are used to treat many diseases. Peanuts can have a direct […]

How many calories are there in dried apricots?


Dried apricots are prepared by drying pitted and pressed apricots naturally under the sun or by wind, so the moisture evaporates without reducing their nutritional value. The apricot kernels are also rich in potassium, fiber, iron, and some vitamins. The fiber content of dried apricots can play an important role in treating constipation. This fruit […]

Health Benefits of Dried Figs


 The fig, scientifically named Ficus carica, is a unique fruit of the mulberry family with a drop-like appearance. Figs are one of the oldest fruits grown by humans and put in the daily food basket. They are rich in calcium, iron, fiber and minerals. The fig tree grows in dry and sunny places and is […]

What are the health benefits of dried fruit?


What are the health benefits of dried fruit? As you know, a normal person should consume 2 to 3 units of fruit daily to maintain health and provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals. But most of us avoid eating fruit carelessly and under various pretexts. One of these excuses is the unavailability of fresh […]

date paste benefits +how to make date paste?


date paste benefits +how to make date paste? Date paste is a great substitute for a variety of sweeteners. People who do not want to use sugar in their daily diets can use dates or date paste as a natural and nutritive sweetener instead. Date paste can easily be used as an ingredient for all […]

Dried apple benefits


Dried apple contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Dried apples are a good choice for your brunch. Dried apples retain the properties of fresh apples. To mention the advantages of apple, it is notable that in addition to its greater properties, it does not require special storage conditions; the only condition for storing […]

Benefits of dried kiwi


Benefits of dried kiwi It can not be said with certainty that the benefits of dried kiwi are more than fresh kiwi, in fact, to preserve the vitamins in fruits, they are dried, so that people can enjoy these benefits in all seasons and in the best way. To take. Due to its sour taste, […]

Benefits of dried cherry plum + What are cherry plums?


Benefits of dried cherry plum + What are cherry plums? What are the benefits of dried cherry plum? Iranian dried Cherry plum is a juicy fruit that is difficult to preserve due to its high-water content. The higher the amount of moisture and juice in a fruit, the sooner it will be spoiled. Therefore, it […]

What are the benefits of Aloo Bukhara?

alu bukhara

What is aloo Bukhara? Aalu Bukhara is a delicious round-shaped fruit with several benefits for health. Aloo bukhara in English is known as plum or Indian Plum, which exists in a range from small to large. It is provided in a variety of different colors such as red, dark pink and purple, yellow.  This fruit […]