Benefits of dried kiwi


Benefits of dried kiwi


It can not be said with certainty that the benefits of dried kiwi are more than fresh kiwi, in fact, to preserve the vitamins in fruits, they are dried, so that people can enjoy these benefits in all seasons and in the best way. To take. Due to its sour taste, kiwi is one of the most popular fruits that is loved by children to adults, and the consumption of dried kiwi can be considered as one of the needs of the body. This very useful fruit is native to southern China and was cultivated commercially in New Zealand in the early twentieth century. Most people are familiar with green kiwi, while kiwi comes in many varieties, the most famous of which is the golden kiwi. Unlike golden kiwi, golden kiwi has a sweet taste and hairless skin. Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants and its consumption has an effective role in stimulating and synthesizing collagen. Vitamin C in kiwi, because it plays an important role in collagen synthesis and stimulation, can help keep skin fresh and young.

Some questions that arise for most people about the benefits of dried kiwi:

 Does eating kiwifruit help you sleep comfortably and without stress? What are the benefits of kiwi for skin and hair? What are the calories in dried kiwi? Is dried kiwi useful for weight loss? Our experts have answered all these questions, but at the outset we can safely say that the benefits of dried kiwi are beyond what you can imagine.


The most important benefits of kiwi for skin and hair

The benefits of iranian dried fruits and nuts, kiwi for skin and hair go back to the vitamins C, K and E contained in it. Fruits are a gift from nature that can bring a special beauty to the skin and hair, one of the most important benefits of dried kiwi for hair is to prevent hair loss and help them grow quickly. The secret of kiwi is due to rare minerals such as zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, which are effective in strengthening hair roots and skin beauty. Another benefit is the stimulation of the circulatory system, which is very effective for clearing the skin and treating facial blemishes. Collagen is one of the effective factors for healthy skin. Kiwi contains high amounts of vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and protects the skin against free radicals. It also prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin by stimulating collagen production. The benefits of dried kiwi have caused the producers of dried fruit and dried fruit products to produce and package this product and offer it in beautiful packages in the market. By using this dried fruit daily, it can be used in any season. In addition to receiving the necessary vitamins for the body, you can, willingly or unwillingly, address skin and hair concerns. You can read the article Dried pears nutritional value to get more information about dried fruits.

Does eating kiwifruit help you sleep comfortably and without stress?

 Another benefit of dried kiwi is its effect on restful sleep. Based on studies conducted on a group of men and women who had problems with sleep disorders, it was found that consuming a certain amount of dried kiwi had a great effect on reducing their sleep disorders. Researchers can not say for sure which of the elements in kiwifruit is effective for restful sleep. However, it is possible that high levels of antioxidants and serotonin in kiwifruit have a positive effect on sleep. Serotonin is involved in initiating the sleep process as well as maintaining it overnight and regulating sleep patterns. But more research is needed to ensure these properties. In addition, the following compounds are among the benefits of dried kiwi:

• Melatonin

• Anthocyanins

• Flavonoids

• Carotenoids

• Potassium, magnesium

• Folate, calcium

How Many Calories in Dried Kiwi?

 In addition to all that has been said about the benefits of dried kiwi for the body, it should be said that this product, despite having many nutrients, has less sugar and calories than bananas and many other fruits and vegetables. Kiwi is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, protein and other elements and is also a low-calorie fruit. Different types of this fruit have the same calories and different people can safely use it in their daily diet. There is no difference in calories between green and golden kiwi.

Other great benefits of dried kiwi include:

 1. Strengthen cardiovascular health

2. Regulate blood pressure by removing excess sodium

3. Strengthen the immune system

4. Help prevent asthma attacks in patients

5. Prevent vision loss

6. Reduce the complications of irritable bowel syndrome as well as inflammatory bowel disease

7. Maintaining the health of pregnant women and reducing the complications of pregnancy


Is dried kiwi useful for weight loss?

 Dried kiwi is the best source for people who care about their health and are looking to lose weight and have a fit body. As mentioned before, one of the benefits of dried kiwi is its high fiber content. Research has shown that people who use kiwifruit in their diet for a long time are less likely to develop gastrointestinal diseases. Also, the fiber in kiwi helps the digestion process and the person will feel full by consuming it for a long time; And so-called will prevent pettiness. Consumption of dried kiwi on a daily basis is effective in weight loss over time. Use dried kiwi and keep it in a cool, dry place. Use it in your diet and wait for an ideal result in a short time. For example: you can cut the kiwi into cubes and pour some honey on it and drink it. This nutritious meal can keep you full for hours and you do not feel weak.


Benefits of dried kiwi for smokers

Vitamin C in the body of smokers decreases over time. Vitamin C deficiency weakens the immune system and disease in these people, which daily consumption of dried kiwi is effective in supplying the body with lost vitamin C and also due to the presence of vitamins A and E reduces the harmful effects of nicotine in the body. As you know, smokers are less resistant to respiratory diseases, vitamin C and folic acid are two substances that are found in kiwi and cause the growth of red blood cells, leukocytes and antibodies in the body, so the body’s resistance to Viral diseases also increase the number of viruses and bacteria that invade a person’s airways and lungs.

Control blood pressure with dried kiwi

Kiwi contains minerals such as potassium and sodium. These two mineral months have a great effect on lowering blood pressure. According to research, people with high blood pressure can maintain their blood pressure at a controlled level by consuming a daily amount of dried kiwi (equivalent to two fresh fruits). According to research conducted in 2014, kiwifruit consumption during the day and continuously helps control blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in people.


 Blood sugar control

Hepatitis is a very dangerous disease and can lead to death if you do not follow a diet. People with high blood sugar have a lot of problems and may take a lot of chemicals. Kiwi has a glycemic index of 52, which, given the amount of fiber in it, helps people with diabetes to better manage the disease. As a source of inositol, it is also effective in reducing the risk of neuropathy in diabetics.

Introducing other benefits of dried kiwi

As we mentioned at the beginning, the benefits of dried kiwi go far beyond what we mentioned. Kiwi is not a typical fruit in terms of both appearance and nutritional content. It is not without reason that the Chinese consider kiwi very valuable because of its medicinal properties. This fruit is a good source of folate, which is very useful for pregnant women because it helps the fetus grow and promotes their health. Kiwi fruit, in addition to all the mentioned properties, also contains omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols, etc. Kiwi also contains bromelain, which is a special enzyme that can improve digestion and reduce body fat over time.

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