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pistachio origin

Pistachio nuts have always been considered as a delicacy compared to other types of nuts. If you have been wondering where do pistachios originate, the answer is that this luxurious nut comes from Pistachio tree. You are probably thinking where do pistachios come from. Well, it is unclear where do pistachios origin from, but many resources believe Iran is the heart of pistachio cultivation. 


If you are interested in understanding Where do pistachio  nuts come from and their country of origin, you are on the right page. Keep reading to find out all the information you need about pistachio cultivation and the country of the best pistachio origin.


Pistachio where do they come from

Pistachio trees have grown in the Middle-East for thousands of years. In ancient Iran, pistachio cultivation and pistachio trade was considered as a luxurious job and people with high-status and profile were in the business. Iranian pistachio origin are the best pistachios available in the market. In Iran, there are many vast pistachio farms. These farms need to have certain conditions to be suitable for pistachio’s growth such as a hot weather in summers and cold winters and a dry climate. Drier and warmer weather is an important factor in a better qualified Persian pistachio growth. If you want to know in which areas pistachios are planted, read Where do they grow pistachios, everything you need to know article.

Where do pistachios come from

where do pistachios come from ? Iranian pistachios are considered as the best pistachio origin in the world and it is known as a luxury product in some countries like Japan and Germany. USA is the world’s biggest exporter of this product and pistachio kernels in the world. iran pistachio price varies depending on the quality of the pistachio. 


Pistachio cultivation in America

The first seed of pistachio was brought to U.S. from Iran. Today, the states of California, Arizona and New Mexico represent all of the USA’s commercial pistachio production. Imported pistachio were super popular in 1880 in America; specially amongst Middle-Eastern immigrants. USA is one of the best places for pistachio cultivation due to fertile soil, dry and hot climate and cold winters. 

If you want to know how pistachio origin are produced, be sure to read Persian Pistachios Recipes, a taste of Iran article.

Bottom line

If you wanted to know Where do wonderful pistachio come from, you now know they come from Iran. If you want Persian nuts wholesale with the best quality, Kourosh foods can be the perfect choice for you. You can check out Kourosh foods website as the best pistachio supplier and producer of all kind of Iranian nuts and dried fruits. Preserve the nuts the right way and enjoy them for as long as you’d like.

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