Where do they grow pistachios, everything you need to know


Where do pistachios grow, everything you need to know

Have you ever wondered Where do pistachios grow in the world? The answer is simply that Pistachio trees only grow in a few places. Pistachio trees are native to Central Asia, The Middle-East, including Iran and Afghanistan.

In this article, we discuss Where do pistachios grow best. If you are interested in getting more information about pistachios, you are on the right website. Keep reading to find out more.


Where do they grow pistachios

Where do pistachios grow naturally

If you want to know Where do pistachios grow on, here you go. Persian pistachios is a broad and bushy tree that grows slowly to a height and spread of 25 to 30 feet, with only one or even several trunks. Pistachios require a great deal of manual hands-on labor to harvest.

Where do pista grow and the soil type: Pistachio trees are known to survive in poor soil. Pistachio nuts cultivation needs mainly two requirements and those are cold winters and long and hot summers with low humidity levels.

Well the answer to the question Where do pistachio trees grow best is in Iran, Afghanistan, California, Turkey and Italy.  


The United States is among the countries that lead the world in pistachio production. American pistachio trees are descended from an Iranian tree. California, Arizona, and New Mexico produce all of America’s commercial pistachio production.

Italy is among the top seven largest exporters of pistachio nuts in the world and its pistachio variety is considered to be the “elite pistachio”, highly sought after for confectionery and pastry-making.

Pistachio trees can be adapted to a variety of soils, although they prefer deep, light, dry and sandy soils, with high calcium carbonate content. They do not grow perfectly in wet and heavy soils. The type of soil that pistachios grow in, can affect the taste and the quality of the pistachio. Now that you know Where do pistachio tree grow, it is time to know when they grow. Pistachio harvest usually takes place from late August to early October that the fruit is mature and the pistachio shell has split.

where does pistachios come from

Where do pistachios grow naturally

Iranian pistachio price

Pistachio nuts are considered as one of the most luxurious nuts. The price varies depending on the quality of the pistachio. 

If you are planning to make food with pistachios, we suggest you read Persian Pistachios Recipes, a taste of Iran article.

Iranian pistachio price

Bottom line

Although the pistachio tree is originally from the Middle-East and Central Asia, it’s now been cultivated in many other places such as China, India, Italy and the USA. If you wanted to know Where do pistachios grow best, you now know they come from Iran. If you want Persian nuts wholesale with the best quality, Kourosh foods can be the perfect choice for you. You can check out Kourosh foods website as the best pistachio supplier and producer of all kind of Iranian nuts and dried fruits. If you preserve pistachio nuts the right way, you can enjoy them for a longer time.

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