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Where do dates fruit come

Have you been wondering where did dates originate from? The history of dates price in iran is rich and goes back to 4000 B.C. If you want to know where do dates originate from, well the answer is that we don’t know the exact place of origin for dates. Although what we know is that, date fruits were first known to be cultivated in the Fertile Crescent that is located between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

In this article we discuss where do the best dates come from and their place of origin. If you are interested in finding out more about dates, you are on the right website. Keep on reading to find out the date production by country.

where do dates

Where do dates fruit come from?

The date palm grows dates in clusters underneath the palm’s fronds. Palm trees can be found in warm regions like California and Florida, but are particularly found in the Middle-East, where the date has long been a popular snack. They are an important crop for Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey and North Africa. Date palms were moved to the United States in the early 20s.                       To learn about the benefits of dates such as Original Kimia Dates or Kabkab dates, visit the website.

Date palms typically begin to bear fruit in April or May, and are ripe for the picking around late August to September. Dates are typically ripened in six to seven months, and are harvested from September through December. To answer where do dates come from, the answer is from hot countries. Date palms are best grown in hot, dry, and sunny weathers. They don’t usually do well in countries with very rainy or humid climates. If you have trouble distinguishing between products such as figs and dates, we suggest you read Dates vs Figs: What Is The Difference? article.


Date fruit comes in hundreds of types and varieties and plays a considerable role in the economy of many of the countries with exportation along the Fertile Crescent. To learn about different dates, including Kabkab dates , GAQ dates and Piarom dates , contact us through the site.

Top 10 producers and exporters of dates: 

  1. Egypt
  2. Tunisia
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Iran
  5. Israel 
  6. Iraq
  7. Saudi Arabia 
  8. Pakistan
  9. Algeria
  10. Sudan



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Bottom line

Do not miss out on the benefits of date fruits. This Persian product has lots of benefits that includes helping the digestion system, curing stomach disorders and preventing colon cancer.


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