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Date palms are best grown in hot, dry, and sunny weathers. they don’t usually do well in countries with very rainy or humid climates. Middle East has the most favorable conditions for date growth. The top three countries that produce the highest quality dates are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran respectively. It is worthy of mention that California, Arizona, and Florida have a pretty good climate to grow the best dates fruit in the world. Date palm, tree of the palm family is mostly cultivated for its sweet edible fruits which has lots of fans from different nationalities all around the world.

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Date palms can take 4 to 8 years after planting before they can bear dates fruit, and start producing viable amounts for vast harvest between 7 and 10 years.  

The date palms typically begin to bear fruit in April or May, and are ripe for the picking around late August to September. Dates are typically ripened in six to seven months, and are harvested from September through December. Dates fruit season can differ depending on the type of date you request for.

A single palm tree can produce 200 to 300 pounds of dates fruit per year, and it can be harvested multiple times in season for dates fruit, as the dates do not ripen all at once. 

In the following article the season of dates fruit  are mentioned. So keep on reading to find out more.

  • Piarom date

Piarom dates are mostly grown in southern parts of Iran and the harvesting time is in October. It has less moisture (less than 15%) and more flesh compared to other types of dates. Piarom date is long and slender and it has oval dates with thin skin. It is considered as one of the best semi-dried dates in the world. 

  • Mazafati date

Mazafati dates price in iran is very reasonable, harvesting time depends on the region and starts in early August, lasting until the end of October. This type of date is the most common type of date for table eating and snacking. The color of fresh Mazafati dates range from dark brown to black. Kimia dates, which are also known as mazafati, are originally grown in Iran but they have been transferred to China and they are cultivated in there too. 

  • Rabbi dates

Like other dates, Rabbi dates are harvested in the summer. Iranian Rabbi dates are harvested from July until the month of October. The color of Rabbi dates are originally dark brown to blackish. They have a thin skin, high juice, less moisture and a small seed.

  • Sayer dates

 sayer dates fruit season is in September and could extended till October. The annual harvest of Persian sayer dates in Iran is about 100,000 MTons. The color of sayer dates are brown, although, some crops are light brown and some are dark brown based on the region and environmental factors you request for. To order or to know the price of Sayer dates and Sayer dates supplier , contact us on the website.


  • Zahedi dates

Iranian Zahedi dates are often harvested in late September. Which sometimes continues until early autumn. Zahedi dates are amongst semi-dried dates category and therefore, they easily fall to the ground near their harvesting time. Zahedi dates are considered as late ripening dates.

  • Medjool dates

Medjool date palms typically begin to bear fruit in April or May, and are ready for picking around late August to September. It produces 200 to 300 pounds of fruit per year, and it can be harvested multiple times throughout a dates fruit season, as the dates do not ripen all at once. Medjool dates are grown in Nevada, Morocco and North Africa. After the harvest from the date palms, Medjool dates get cleaned, sorted and packed right away.

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Iran dates price

Dates price in Iran depends on the type of Persian date that you request for. Lots of factors such as the type of the date, the moisture percentage and its size and quality can affect The price of Iranian dates.

Bottom line 

The exact date season fruit can vary due to the type of date you are looking for. Each type of date has its own unique benefits and taste depending on the place and the season it has been harvested so don’t miss out and try each type of date fruits at least once.

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