Best quality dates in the world


Best dates in the world

Best quality dates in the world need warm climate with few rainy days. The dates price in iran is very competitive in the world market. Therefore, the Middle East has the most favorable conditions for date growth. The top three countries that produce the highest quality dates are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran in order. It is worthy of mention that California, Arizona, and Florida have a pretty good climate to grow the best dates fruit in the world.

Different types of dates are better to be stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container to help them retain moisture. They can be stored up to 12 months in the refrigerator if they are stored properly, but may lose moisture in long time storage.


We can categorize different date types based on their moisture into 3 categories: 

1. Dried: dried dates’ moisture percentage is under 14%.

2. Semi-dried: Semi-dried dates contain approximately 15%-16% moisture.

3. Fresh: Fresh dates contain more than 16% moisture.

Top quality dates in the world are a great source on energy and can be a great choice for special dietaries. You can consume one handful of dates which is an approximate number of 100gr on a daily basis. Since dates are a source of fibers, Proteins and energy they can improve the function of your brain. If you are interested in dates learn about different types of dates in one article.

Dates have a large list of benefits. If you want to add the best tasting dates in the world to your diet, this article can be beneficial.

Medjool date

One of the best tasting dates in the world is Medjool date. If you are looking for a large, soft and one of the most flavorful date with a caramel-like texture in taste, Medjool date can be the perfect choice for you. Medjool dates are grown in Nevada, Morocco and North Africa. 

Piarom date

Persian Piarom date is famous in the world for its unique taste and appearance. Piarom date is long and slender and it has oval dates with thin skin. It is considered as one of the best semi-dried dates in the world. Piarom dates are mostly grown in southern parts of Iran and the harvesting time is in October. It has low moisture (less than 15%) and more flesh compared to other types of dates.  The color of Iranian Piarom date has dark skin and is almost black.

Mazafati date or kimia dates

Kimia dates, which are also known as mazafati, are originally grown in Iran but they have been moved too China and they are cultivated in there too. The mazafati dates iran price is much more reasonable than in other countries. Kimia dates are one of the best dates in the world. They are black plump dates that have a melt-in-mouth kind of flavor. Kimia Date fruit seeds have been demonstrated to possess high antioxidant activities. They are good for Brain Functionality, improve heart health and they also help acquiring a healthy digestion.

Original Kimia Dates is famous in the world for its excellent taste and high quality. This type of date has a high nutritional value and is considered as a great healthy snack. Mazafati dates are high in Iron, Natural Sugar and a healthy snack for the body. This type of date is a great source of various nutrients of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and etc.

Mazafati dates (Kimia) are categorized in different grades depending on their moisture and size, for example: (700-750 gr.)- (600-650 gr.)- (500-550 gr.), ….



Barhi date

They belong to the small and fragile date categories. This date has an amber and rather light brown skin color. It is considered the sweetest and creamiest types of dates.

Kaloote (Kalate) date

Kaloote or Kalate date is one of the most common date palm trees in Iran. This type of date is very popular in the neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf and in many European countries.


Last word

Best dates in the world come from middle East and specially Iran. You can order these types of high quality dates online and add these nutritious superfoods to your diet to raise your energy and nutrition levels. 

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