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Different types of dates

Many consider dates a superfood. Different kinds of dates contain different amounts of nutritious particles. It is suggested that you consume one handful of dates which is an approximate number of 100 grams (4-6 dates) daily.

We can categorize different dates types based on their moisture into three categories:

1. Dried: dried dates’ moisture percentage is under 14%.

2. Semi-dried: Semi-dried dates contain approximately 15%-16% moisture.

3. Fresh: Fresh dates contain more than 16% moisture.

Depending on the type of date you request, the conditions of preservation differ. Dried dates can be preserved at room temperature for 24 months, but fresh dates need to be preserved in the refrigerator. If kept in the refrigerator, semi-dried and fresh dates retain quality for 24 months.

How to shop for dates

If you’ve never had a freshly harvested date, they are worth buying for their insanely sweet, caramel-like taste. Dates have differences in appearance from variety, but in general, you want to look for the kind of dates that are plump and shiny. Dates should not be squashed into one another and they must be distinguished from each other in the package. The date skin should have minimal rips and tears. You want to make sure you buy dates that aren’t overly dried but wrinkly dates are totally fine. Although, you can touch the dates to see if they are not too dry. Keep an open eye for white spots on dates which is a sign of aging. Aged dates with sugar are still edible but it is recommended that you do not buy dates that have already started the sugaring process. Depending on the type o date you are looking for, you can find a suitable website to order your dates from. Kouroshfoods offer the best types of Iranian dates in the market.

Different types of dates have the following health benefits: 

  1. They have a good impact on heart, muscles, and eye health.
  2. Reduces the chance of cardiovascular diseases. 
  3. It has a lot of antioxidants. Therefore, is a good factor in preventing different types of cancer.
  4. A great choice for enhancing brain function. 
  5. A suitable choice for people with digestive problems.

In this article, I explain different kinds of dates and their specifications. Keep on reading to find out all about Iranian dates and different types. 

Different types of date fruits are: 

  1. Sayer dates supplier

3.5 ounces of this date which is approximately 100 grams has 277 Cal, 7 grams of fiber, 75 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of protein. Dates are a significant source of minerals and vitamins such as Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, etc.

Here you can find the average size of Sayer date in both pitted and unpitted types, (as the date is an agricultural product, sizes can be different by each crop year)

Size Pitted Un-pitted
Super select Less than 75 per lb. Less than 70 per lb.
select 75-85 per lb. 70-75 per lb.
Grade B 85-95 per lb. 75-85 per lb.
GAQ 110-115 per lb. 100-115 per lb.
  1. Zahedi date

Zahedi dates can be categorized into two groups based on their color: 1. Light colored which is amber or creamy color 2. Dark colored which can be dark brown

Zahedi Date has high nutritional value. This date is rich in various types of nutritious elements and contains minerals and Vitamins including Potassium, Magnesium, Protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and … 

100 grams of this dried date has about 300 Calories and is composed of about 73% Carbohydrates, 2.2% Protein, and 0.6% fat.

  1. Mazafati date

Original Kimia Dates is famous in the world for its excellent taste and high quality. This type of date has a high nutritional value and is considered a great healthy snack. Mazafati dates are high in Iron, Natural Sugar, and are a healthy snack for the body. This type of date is a great source of various nutrients of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc.

Mazafati dates are categorized in different grades depending on their moisture and size, for example: (700-750 gr.)- (600-650 gr.)- (500-550 gr.), ….

Lots of factors such as the type of the date, the moisture percentage, and its size and quality can affect the Mazafati dates price in Iran. Different types of dry dates have different price values.

  1. Rabbi date

Rabbi date has a sweet taste and is famous for its delicious and incredible taste. Rabbi date is one of the most popular types of Iranian dates. Persian Rabbi date belongs to the semi-dried date category with 15%-16% moisture. This long date has dark brown or dark brown-red color and has thin skin.

  1. Kabkab date

Kabkab is one of the most famous types of dates in Iran. The color of this fruit is light brown and burnt brown while it is Rutab, and eventually, it turns into a dark brown fruit. Unripe and Kharak dates, unlike other dates, have a bitter taste. Oval fruit weighing about 15 grams with a light yellow semi-dry texture and has thick skin.


  1. Barhi date

They belong to the small and fragile date categories. This date has amber and a rather light brown skin color. It is considered the sweetest and creamiest type of date.

  1. Piarom date

Piarom date is long and slender and it has oval dates with thin skin. It is considered one of the best semi-dried dates in the world. Piarom dates are mostly grown in southern parts of Iran and the harvesting time is in October. It has less moisture (less than 15%) and more flesh compared to other types of dates.  

  1. Kaloote (Kalate) date

Kaloote or Kalate date is one of the most common date palm trees in Iran. This type of date is very popular in the neighboring countries of the Persian Gulf and many European countries and is known as one of the most important export dates of Iran.

Different date types price

Dates price in Iran generally depends on the type of date that your request. Lots of factors such as the type of the date, the moisture percentage, and its size and quality can affect the date’s price. Different types of dry dates have different price values. 

To sum it up

If you are starting a healthy lifestyle and want to increase the energy level in your daily meals, Iranian dates can be the perfect choice for you.  dates are high in Iron, Natural Sugar, and are a healthy snack for the body. Persian date is a great source of various nutrients of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc. Don’t miss out on this nutritious dried fruit, and add it to your daily consumption list.

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