How to buy dates online?

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How to buy dates? Can dates be bought online? How to buy dates online? How much dates price in iran? We will answer these questions below. Dates are one of the tropical fruits that are mainly used in dried form and there are different types. Meanwhile, some types of dates are world-famous. Date fruits grow more especially in Middle Eastern countries. Many Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, are major exporters of dates around the world.

How to buy dates online

Buy dates online

Dates are a nutritious fruit rich in nutrients that help the body’s health a lot. Dates are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. That is why eating dates helps the body’s health. Follow us to introduce the best dates in the world. Be sure about before buying learn about different types of dates in one article

Buy dates: Mazafati dates

Original Kimia Dates have been renewed under the name of Bam Mazafati dates and are cultivated and used in Bam city in Kerman province and neighboring cities. Bam Mazafati dates (which is one of the best dates in Iran), also produce most of Iran’s export dates. This date has a soft texture. Its size is medium and has a moisture content of 20% and black skin and a very pleasant taste. Mazafati dates are also in very good medical condition. This date is rich in antioxidants and also has fiber and potassium. It lowers cholesterol, treats constipation, and increases the body’s energy. This type of date is also effective for the heart and the treatment of insomnia and cancer prevention.

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Buy dates: Piarom  or Maryami dates

Piarom dates are also known as Maryami dates. This date is one of the most expensive types of dates in Iran and is widely cultivated in the Hormozgan province and Hajiabad region of this city. The size of this date is medium to large, it has a brown color and its moisture content is about 15%.

Buy dates: Kabkab dates

Another type of date that is grown in Iran is kabkab dates. This date is widely cultivated and exploited in the Dashtestan region of Bushehr province. Also, cultivation of this date is common in the Kazerun region in Fars province. Kabkab dates are the best type of dates for direct consumption and industrial use in the food industry. Bushehr kabkab dates are also in very good condition in terms of export and have been able to gain a good position in the Russian markets of India and Pakistan. Kabkab dates are large and have a soft and sweet texture and their moisture content is about 18%. Its good taste and light brown color along with other properties of this date have made it able to have an effective share in the export of Iranian dates. Kabkab dates are very effective in treating constipation and eliminate intestinal and digestive disorders. Roasted dates are also good for heart problems and diarrhea, and are used to treat conditions such as bladder stones, weight loss, and anemia. These dates are also rich in vitamins A, B, and C.

 Buy dates: Colonial dates

Colonial dates, also known as Sayer dates supplier , are cultivated in the groves of Khuzestan province. It is also a unique product in terms of nutritional value and sugar. Colonial dates of Khuzestan have a light brown color and a moisture content of 18%. This date is a type of semi-dry date with a suitable taste and medium size. Colonial dates have antioxidants and are anti-cancer. The magnesium in this date makes it suitable for people with digestive disorders. It is also high in iron and is useful for people suffering from anemia.

Buy dates: Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are cultivated in Bushehr and Fars provinces. This date is a type of semi-dry date and its color is yellowish-brown. It is high in sugar and is exported to the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. Zahedi dates prevent cancer and help strengthen the nervous system. It is very useful for anemia and also helps the functioning of the digestive system. This type of date is also known as Qasbi date and in Arabic, it is called asceticism.



Buy dates: Rabi dates

Rabi dates are one of the semi-dry dates in Iran. It is dark brown and has a slender core. Rabi dates are mostly grown in Sistan and Baluchestan province and their fruits are relatively large and red. Rabi dates are rich in nutrients and are useful in digestion and preventing cancer. It is also effective in strengthening bones and lowering blood sugar. This date is rich in calcium, potassium, lactose, and fructose and has many vitamins.

Buy dates: Shahani dates

This date is cultivated in the Jahrom region of Fars province. In Minab, this type of date is called Shawni. This date in Haji Abad Bandar Abbas is called Khork Shoni and in Firooz Abad the name of this date is Shoni. This type of date has elongated fruits and has a narrow tip and golden yellow color. Shahani dates are in the category of wet dates and have many fans. This type of date is used to prepare different types of date juice. It has a lot of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It has low cholesterol and regulates positive cholesterol in the blood. It is rich in iron and is very suitable for people with anemia. It is high in fiber and is good for the stomach and digestive system.

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The best dates for sale and Dates to buy online

Although there are different types of dates, in general, this fruit is very nutritious and contains a lot of natural sugar, which helps the body’s health. Also, date fruit can be eaten as a healthy snack. Eating dates helps the body receive the energy it needs healthily. Therefore, it is better to include dates in your daily diet. Which type of date you want to choose depends on your taste. In this article, we tried to introduce the best types of dates to you. Iran is one of the main exporters of dates worldwide. You can buy dates online. All you have to do is visit our website and register your order. Your order will be delivered to you soon.

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