Dry dates or fresh dates, which one to choose?


Dates are sweet fruits that are often as an alternative for artificial sweeteners. Date palms are best grown in hot, dry, and sunny weathers. They don’t usually do well in countries with very rainy or humid climates. Middle East has the most favorable conditions for date growth. Dates, available in the market, are categorized into 3 groups based on their moisture percentage: dry dates, semi-dried dates and fresh dates.

Different types of dates have different specifications. If you are looking for a brief guideline about dry dates in Iran and Fresh dates in Iran, you are on the wright website. Keep on adding to find out more. If you are looking for high quality mazafati dates iran price is affordable.

dry dates or fresh dates

Dry dates in Iran

Dried dates are mostly the dates that have been lightly heated for many hours to lessen their moisture levels or the time of their harvesting is different and later. The drying process can be through ovens and dehydrators or they can be sun dried. Dry dates are often used as a table snack or as a replacement for artificial sweeteners.

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Dry dates are available in the market in differen typrs:

  1. Medjool date

Medjool date palms typically begin to bear fruit in April or May, and are ready for picking around late August to September. It produces 200 to 300 pounds of fruit per year, and it can be harvested multiple times throughout a dates fruit season, as the dates do not ripen all at once. Medjool dates are grown in Nevada, Morocco and North Africa. One of the best tasting dates in the world is Medjool date. If you are looking for a large, soft and one of the most flavorful date with a caramel-like texture in taste, Medjool date can be the perfect choice for you.

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  • Barhi date

They belong to the small and fragile date categories. This date has an amber and rather light brown skin color. It is considered the sweetest and creamiest types of dates.

  • Piarom date

Piarom is long and slender and it has oval dates with thin skin. It is considered as one of the best dry dates in the world. Piarom dates are mostly grown in southern parts of Iran and the harvesting time is in October. It has less moisture (less than 15%) and more flesh compared to other types of dates.  The color of Iranian Piarom date has dark skin and is almost black.

  • Zahedi date

Zahedi Date has less moisture compared to other kinds of Dates and Its moisture is under %14. Iran Zahedi date is popular for its low sugar suitable for diabetes people and nutritional value. Zahedi dates can be categorized into tw groups based on their color: 1. Light colored which is basically amber or creamy color 2. Dark colored which can be dark brown

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Overview of Fresh Date Market in Iran

Fresh dates grow in large bunches on the date palm trees. Fresh dates sweet but not as sweet as dried dates. Fresh dates in Iran are known to be hard to chew and they can be gritty depending on their ripeness level.

Fresh dates are available in the market in many different types such as Rutab and Tamar. If you are looking for the finest dates, read “Everything you need to know about Mazafati Dates” article.


Bottom Line

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