Dates production by country, a brief guideline


The date fruit is a popular sweet, full of nutrients and is especially popular in the Middle East and North Africa where date is grown in large quantities.

Best quality dates in the world need warm climate with few rainy days. Therefore, the Middle East has the most favorable conditions for date growth. The top three dates exporting countries that produce the highest quality dates are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is worthy of mention that California, Arizona, and Florida have a pretty good climate to grow the best dates fruit in the world.

Top quality dates in the world are a great source on energy and can be a great choice for special dietaries. You can consume one handful of dates which is approximately of 100gr on a daily basis. Since dates are a source of fibers, Proteins and energy they can improve the function of your brain. To order Original Kimia Dates or to know the availability of dates, please contact us on the site.

In order to choose the tastiest date, you must know the Top 10 dates exporting companies. Keep on reading to find more out.


Top 10 dates exporting companies

Date fruits which comes in hundreds of types and varieties, play a considerable role in the economy of many of the countries with exportation along the Fertile Crescent. Researches show that top 10 dates producing companies 2021 are:

  • Egypt

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, Egypt is the largest producer and exporter of dates in the world and the largest dates producing company with around 17% of global production.

Egyptian date types:

  1. Hayani dates

Hayani dates are soft, sweet and meaty types of dates. The color of this dates is dark brown or black. Hayani is one of the most important commercial date of Egypt. Hayani is considered as a fresh date and has a long shape.

  1. Zaghloul dates

Zaghloul dates which are also known as red dates, are a rare type of dates and are not widely available. The moisture content is high and Zaghloul is considered as a fresh date.

  • Tunisia

Tunisia produce around 241 thousand tons of dates annually. The most common date types in Tunisia are Deglet Noor, Ftimi, Touzerzayet, and Kenta.


Deglet Noir is a Tunisian date which is known as royal dates or “ queen of all the dates”. The taste of Deglet Nour is similar to browned butter and cashews with a nutty undertone. This date has a light color and a honey-like taste.

  • United Arab Emirates

The most common types of UAE dates are Dabbas, Khenaizi, and Lulu.

Dates are known as the national fruit of UAE. Halawi dates which are produced in UAE are the favorite type of date for many enthusiasts. Halawi dates are medium sized and light colored. Halawi means sweet in Arabic, therefore, Halawi dates are known to have a rich Caramel-like taste.

  • Iran

Mainly in South, South East, and South West of Iran, there are vast fields of date palm dedicated to date growth. Iranian dates are famous all around the world for their unique taste and their quality and are high in demand. Top 10 dates exporting companies are most likely to be located in Iran. Some of Iranian dates are mentioned below:

Mazafati date

The color of Mazafati fresh dates range from dark brown to black. mazafati dates iran price are categorized in different grades depending on their moisture and size, for example: (700-750 gr.)- (600-650 gr.)- (500-550 gr.), ….

Zahedi date

Zahedi Date has less moisture compared to other kinds of Dates and Its moisture content is under %14. Iran Zahedi date is popular for its nutritional value and low sugar and is more suited for diabetics. Zahedi dates can be categorized into two groups based on their color:

1. Light colored which is basically amber or creamy color

2. Dark colored which can be dark brown.

Rabbi date

Rabbi date is one of most popular types of Iranian dates. Persian Rabbi date belongs in the semi-dried date category with 12%-16% moisture content. This long date has dark brown or dark brown-red color and has a thin skin. This type of date is rather narrow and has a wrinkly skin.

Kabkab date

Kabkab date has an underlying sweet taste which is more suited to everyone. Persian Kabkab date is grown in the most tropical parts of Iran. This type of date has a great amount of nectar which is used for date syrup. Kabkab is amongst semi-dry dates and it has a distinctive dark brown color.

  • Israel

The main date varieties of Israel are Medjoul, Deri, Hayani, Dekel Nour and other varieties include Barhi, Zahidi and Halawi.

  • Iraq

The most common date types in Iraq are Amir Hajj, Dayri and Khastawi.

  • Saudi Arabia

The most common types of dates from Saudi Arabia are Ajwah, Al Khunaizi, Khalasah, Medjool and Rotab.

  • Pakistan

There are more than 160 varieties of dates palm in Pakistan, among them the popular varieties are: Aseel, Zahidi, Fasli, Maazwati, Dhakki, Kharbalian, Begum Jangi.

  • Algeria

The most common date types of Algeria are Thoory, Deglet Noor and Iteema.

  • Sudan

The most common date types of Sudan are Bireir, Abid Rahman and Barkawi.

IIf you are planning to buy fresh dates, read season of dates fruit for fans of super healthy diets article.


Final Word

Best dates in the world come from Middle East and specially Iran. Now that you know dates production by country, you can order these types of high quality dates online and add these nutritious superfoods to your diet to raise your energy and Improve your nutrition intake.

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