Best Iranian pistachios for pistachio lovers


Irani Pistachios cultivation date back to thousands of years in Iran, with about a century of industrial production and exportation. The unique specifications of Irani pistachios make them versatile and internationally popular. Drier and warmer weather is an important factor in a better qualified Persian green peeled pistachio growth. Iran has the perfect climate for pistachio cultivation. The harvest of Pistachio season begins in the end of summer and continues until the early autumn. Iran’s pistachio production is predicted to rocket by 55,000 tons till the end of March compared to 2021, reaching 220,000 tons.

Iran is the best exporter of pistachios. Therefore, knowing Irani pistachios is a crucial step in choosing your pistachio. Keep on reading to find out more.


Iran pistachio production

There are approximately 210,000 hectares of pistachio cultivation fields only in Kerman province. Pistachio harvesting is done by hand while processing and grading of pistachio are done mechanically. Iranian pistachios have unique qualifications that make them desirable for their international customers and therefore rises the amount of exportation. Best Iran pistachio price have an intense taste-profile resulting from their high oil content. Their high oil content allows roasting at higher temperatures which brings out the flavor of Irani pistachios.

Best Iranian pistachios

Iranian pistachios come in many different varieties, shapes and sizes. We can categorize pistachios in 3 categories of closed mouth, open mouth and mechanically opened. Closed shell pistachios are mechanically opened to look similar to the naturally open pistachios. The difference between them is that the naturally open pistachios are lower in kernel weight. Shelled pistachios and pistachio kernels are the most commercial and famous types of nuts in Iran. Pistachio kernels go through a long peeling and shelling process.

1.       Round Fandoghi kernel

2.       Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

3.       Akbari pistachio

4.       Jumbo pistachio (Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio)

5.       Green and red pistachio kernels Iranian pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory properties, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients including vitamin B6. There is no doubt that pistachio has a great impact on your health and it is good to know that pistachios are a great source of Potassium and anti-oxidants as well.


Iran pistachio production and exportation

In-shell pistachios are usually consumed as a snack. Green peeled pistachio kernels are used as an ingredient in food and pastry industries. However, natural red pistachio kernels can be consumed both as a snack or as an ingredient in the food industry.


Irani pistachio price over the years

With a gradual decline of global pistachio wholesale prices from its peak in 2016, natural kernels show a fast-growing trend in international markets. Iranian pistachio price depends on the type and size of Persian pistachio that you request for. Lots of factors such as the type of the pistachio, the size of the kernel and its shell type can affect the pistachio wholesale price in Iran.

If you are going to buy pistachios, be sure to read Different types of pistachios for every taste article.

Bottom line

If you are starting a healthy lifestyle and you need a superfood in your diet, Irani Pistachio can be the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for high quality Iranian pistachios online, you can check out Kourosh foods website as one of the best pistachio suppliers in Iran and producer of all kind of Iranian nuts. Don’t miss out on this nutritious nut and add it to your daily consumption list.

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