Different types of pistachios for every taste

Diffrent type of pistachios

Pistachio nut also known as the “happy nut” is one of the most expensive nuts available in the market. Different kinds of pistachios should retain high quality for half a year at room temperature, about a year in the fridge, and approximately two years in the freezer. All varieties of pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory traits, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients including vitamin B6. Its high amount of protein makes you feel full for a longer time. Hence, it is a perfect snack if you are on a diet.

You can eat one or two handfuls of pistachio per day. There is no doubt that pistachio has a great impact on your health and it is good to know, that pistachios are a great source of Potassium and anti-oxidants also. The following The health benefits of pistachio varieties are to be mentioned: 

1. Improving the heart functionality and decreasing the cardiovascular events and incidents. 

2. Pistachios are considered weight-loss friendly and their fiber and protein can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

3. It is considered as a great source of minerals.

Different types of pistachios have different appearances.

In this article we briefly discuss types of pistachios and their specifications.


Based on the shells, varieties of pistachios are classified into two categories:

1.      Pistachio kernels

Pistachio kernels go through a long peeling and shelling process and they are more expensive compared to shelled pistachios.

2.      Shelled pistachio

Iran is famous for its high quality and demand pistachio because it has the perfect climate. iran pistachio price are considered as the best pistachios in the world and it is known as a luxury product in some countries like Japan and Germany.

There are several types of Iranian pistachio such as:

1.      Round Fandoghi kernel

 Fandoghi pistachio has one of the smallest kernels compared to other types of pistachio. It has the largest Production quantity among the Iranian pistachio types.  We classify the round pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 26-28/ 28-30/ 30-32

2.      Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei is in the category of long pistachio. It has an exquisite taste and red kernel. We can classify Ahmad Aghaei pistachio based on the size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 24-26/ 26-28/ 28-30

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio which is known for its delicious taste and the beautiful appearance is one of the most popular types of pistachio in Iran and in other parts of the world which has influenced on market demand of this special pistachio nut.

3.      Akbari pistachio

Akbari pistachio is also known as long pistachio. The kernel is green and its skin is stained and dull. Its high content of protein makes you fill full for a longer time span. We classify Iranian Akbari pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 18-20/ 20-22/ 22-24


4.      Jumbo pistachio (Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio)

This famous pistachio has a round kernel and is famous for its particular taste. We classify Iranian Jumbo pistachio based on its size in the following categories(pcs/Oz): 18-20/ 20-2 Iran supplies the majority of jumbo pistachio in the world. After completing its growth cycle in vast farms of Iran, Persian kalle ghouchi pistachio is harvested in mid and late September.

5.      Green and red pistachio kernels

We can categorize pistachios in 3 categories of closed mouth, open mouth and mechanically opened. Closed shell pistachios can be mechanically opened to look similar to the naturally open pistachios. The difference between them is that the naturally open pistachios are lower in kernel weight.

The color of Pistachio kernels ranges from light yellow to dark green and based on the color we can classify them in the following grades: A – B – C – D and E. Green Peeled Pistachio Kernel comes with more derivatives such as powder, diced, flaked and etc.

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Final word

Pistachio nuts are one of the most popular nuts meanwhile all types of pistachios contain massive amounts of nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals. Now that you are familiar with different kinds of pistachios, don’t hesitate and order some online.

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