Benefits of dried cherry plum + What are cherry plums?


Benefits of dried cherry plum + What are cherry plums?


What are the benefits of dried cherry plum?

Iranian dried Cherry plum is a juicy fruit that is difficult to preserve due to its high-water content. The higher the amount of moisture and juice in a fruit, the sooner it will be spoiled. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy only what you can eat. If some fruit is left uneaten, it must be wrapped in paper or newspaper. Moreover, cherry plums are not a good fruit option for camping. Keeping cherry plums next to fruits such as apples and pears will cause them to ripen faster. Cherry plums should be stored at room temperature. They can be refrigerated once fully ripe and soft, but this may damage their taste and texture.


What are cherry plums?

 Cherry plum is a fruit native to Europe and Asia and grows better in humid regions. The cherry plum tree can be planted in other areas; however, the best-quality and best-tasting fruits are procured from humid regions. Cherry plum can be harvested in summer, particularly in August. If harvested earlier, some might be unripe, and if harvested later, some may be squishy and too ripe, which makes them unsuitable for consumption, especially during ceremonies, though they can be bought at a cheaper price. Plum contains beta-carotene, which helps with eye health by keeping the cornea moist and healthy. Red fruits have more iron than other fruit types. This fruit is also good for vegetarians and those who have iron deficiency. The cherry plum tree was first introduced to the United States by immigrants from Europe and Asia in the 19th century and was well received by the public. It has since been grown in the United States in areas with good humidity and moderate temperatures. In light of its many properties and difficulties in preserving it, it was mostly used as dried fruit in the past. The people of Central Asia were the first to dry and consume this fruit all year round. Dried cherry plum is one of the most popular dried fruits thanks to its longer shelf life. 

 What is Organic Dried Golden Cherry Plum?

 Dried cherry plums can be eaten alone or in combination with nuts. Consumption with warm temperament nuts moderates its slightly cold temperament and it can be used as a remedy for different ailments or as a flavoring agent in a variety of stews and soups.

Effects of dried cherriy plum on the body

The use of prunes is beneficial for people with heart diseases because it causes excess body fat to react with oxygen. Dried cherry plum nutrients cancel out the effects of free radicals in the body and prevent their accumulation. Free radicals have destructive effects on the body. For example, the accumulation of free radicals causes diseases such as arthritis, DNA damage, and the formation of cancer cells. cherry plums balance blood pressure, but it is better to use them in small quantities. In addition to treating high blood pressure, they are good for curing diabetes. They also speed up the absorption and digestion of food and the release of sugar in the food, which helps regulate blood sugar. Dried cherry plums prevent constipation in two ways. First, their high fiber content reacts with colon bacteria, thus increasing the volume of feces and engaging the muscles of the large intestine. Second, the nutrients stimulate the intestinal walls, causing the release of toxins and feces through these contraction and expansion processes. cherry plums are effective in maintaining liver health, detoxifying the digestive system, and fighting infections and intestinal fevers. This dried fruit is very useful for people troubled by indigestion. This dried fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, carbohydrates (starches), iron, calcium, and other minerals. Some of its healing properties are working against constipation, fever, bile, constipation, and blood concentration. cherry plums have a cold temperament, so they are suitable for hot-tempered people. Other benefits of this dried fruit include strengthening and regulating the digestive system and treating anemia and physical fatigue.


Medical application of dried cherry plums

Cherry plum has a cold temperament and its consumption as fresh bile is beneficial for preventing constipation, sometimes called dryness of temperament. Not only the properties of dried cherry plums are not changed after drying, they are accentuated. Drying also increases their shelf life. Cherry plums are good for joint health and people with crackling joints. They, however, must be consumed in a moderate amount as their cold temperament can cause inflammation and cold. Therefore, people with a cold temperament are recommended to keep away from this type of plum or at least do not consume it on an empty stomach. Cherry plums can lower the body temperature. Therefore, they offer healing properties to people who get angry easily by suppressing their body heat and improving their mood. According to research findings, drying cherries over a longer period will eliminate their downsides while preserving their benefits. One essential tip for making dried cherry plums is to peel off the plum skin because it bloats during drying and it is slow to digest. Dried cherry plums or prunes have more properties than fresh black plums and can be used as calcium tablets. Dried cherry plums purify the blood and help cure diseases caused by the concentration of blood. This makes them a good alternative for those who are afraid of cupping. Dried cherry plums have properties that fresh plums do not. For example, prunes have a great role in weight loss, treating high blood pressure, and providing nutrients to the brain. Numerous studies have confirmed the amazing effects of dried fruit on weight loss. This fruit is also widely used in Chinese medicine, in which it is referred to as a “breakfast elixir”. This is because consuming it after sleep can remove toxins from the body and give us and our skin further freshness. In modern medicine, cherry plum is recommended for dealing with lethargy and lack of concentration as it is a rich source of iron and contains vitamin C, which accelerates the absorption of iron in the body. 


 How do dry cherry plums?

 Dried cherry plums are made from plums that differ in terms of meat firmness and sugar content. Fresh plums are dried in the sun or ovens. Unlike fresh plums, prunes contain less moisture and more energy (sugars) and nutrients (minerals and vitamins).
To prepare dried cherry plums, it is enough to wash the desired amount of cherry plums first. Then, cut the plums into two parts using a knife and place them in a basket in the sun for natural drying. Once the plums are dry, you can store them in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Make sure the prunes are not left under the sunlight for too long, which can make them hard and inedible.

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Dried cherry plums are a good source of antioxidants

Dried cherry plums are a good source of antioxidants. This fruit contains good amounts of phenolic compounds and beta-carotene, which neutralize oxygen free radicals. Oxygen-free radicals have destructive effects on the body. They oxidize body fats, causing them to build up in the arteries and clog them. These processes are one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. If DNA is damaged, the body’s chances of producing cancer cells increase dramatically. Another harmful effect of free radicals is the increased risk of developing osteoarthritis, which is the source of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Thousands of people die every year from cardiovascular disease and cancer worldwide, which burden the health care system with exorbitant costs. Due to the application of dried cherry plums in the prevention of these diseases and the promotion of human health, they are recommended to be included in your food basket.  Dried cherry plums are a good source of potassium. Research in recent years has shown the effect of potassium in lowering blood pressure. Another notable ingredient in this fruit is fiber. Fiber slows down the absorption of nutrients, especially sugars, and also increases insulin sensitivity. Therefore, the consumption of prunes can be effective in controlling blood sugar.  Dried cherry plums balance blood pressure, but it is better to use them in small quantities. In addition to treating high blood pressure, they are good for curing diabetes. They also speed up the absorption and digestion of food and the release of sugar in the food, which helps regulate blood sugar.

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