Harvesting persian pistachios started in Khorasan province and will start in Kerman in coming days, and will finish in 10-15 days.
According to the received reports, due to severe frost and heat damages crop 2021 facing a decrease of 20% and in some regions, we will see even further decrease.The most decrease would be for Akbari pistachio which is less strong against frost, and less decrease for Round pistachio (Fandoghi) which is less affected by the frost damaging.
The current crop is expected to be around 120,000 MT and about 30,000 to 40,000 MT carry over from crop 2020 would be added and totally 150,000 to about 160,000 MTThe limit quantity of crop year beside the movement of US$ currency against Rial in the coming crop will be key factors determining the iran pistachio price levels of new crop, although unfortunately at the moment due to limited quantity we are facing price increasing in raw material even before harvesting time start entirely.We keep monitoring the market and keep you updated about more information till the harvesting time.
Hope this information would be useful, for further information please do not hesitate to contact.

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