6 types of raisins do you like and use best?

Which raisins

iran raisins are a very nutritious and valuable snack made from dried grapes. As a fact, When grapes are dried, their nutritional content increases. Raisins have a high nutritional value and are a rich source of vitamins B and C, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fiber. Raisins have a sweet and caramel taste and are rich in natural sugars. nowaday, raisins are produced in most regions of the world. Raisins can be eaten raw or used in a variety of dishes.

There are different types of raisins based on color, taste, size and appearance. In this article, we will discuss the different types of this nutritious and valuable product. If you have any unanswered questions about different types of raisins at the end of this article, you can contact us so that our consultants can guide you in no time.


How are raisins made? (Process and the production of raisins)

Certain varieties of grapes are generally used in the production of raisins. The main grape varieties used for raisin production are: Asgari (Kashmiri), Flame seedless, Sultana, (Thompson seedless), Muscat and Black Corinth.

– Aftabi raisins

– Sultana raisins

– Kashmiri raisins

– Red raisins (seedless)

organic golden raisins

– Currant

These raisins are made from different varieties of grapes with different colors and flavors. For more information about raisins you can read, Best quality organic raisins (kishmish) in the world.

Sun-dried raisins

Sun-dried raisins

Sun–dried raisins are obtained by exposing the grapes to direct sunlight. The color of this type of raisin is usually dark brown or black. The more heat and direct light, the darker the color of the raisin. This method of preparation is one of the oldest and most common methods of making raisins from various grapes. No additives are used in the preparation of sun raisins, sun-dried raisins require more time than industrial methods. This type of raisins has higher sugar content than other types of raisins.

Sun-dried raisins are the most natural method of making this product and the nutrients of the grapes are retained in this method. After the grapes are dried, the stems and extracts are separated from them and stored in a hygienic manner.

Takestan city in Qazvin province is one of the most important centers of sun-dried raisin production in Iran.

Sultana raisins

Sultana raisins

organic sultana raisins used to be made from a Turkish green grape variety of the same name. Today, however, Thompson seedless grapes are used to make this type of raisin. The color of Sultana raisins is red to dark brown and has a very sweet taste due to the high sugar content. In Australia and at United Kingdom, light brown or amber raisins are now called sultana. In America, however, it is known as plain raisin.

Dark sultana raisins are commonly used in the bread and confectionery industries.

Iranian sultana raisins are usually produced in Qazvin and East Azarbaijan provinces and have a delicate and unique flavor.

Kashmiri Raisins

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Kashmiri Raisins

Kashmiri raisins are made from seedless grapes and are usually found in the Middle East and Central Asia. This type of raisins is thin and 2 to 3 centimeters in size. This type of raisins is preferred by people who avoid eating other types of raisins as they are sweet and very close to the taste of fresh grapes. Kashmiri raisins are made from a special type of grape called pekami, which is native to the Kashmar region of Khorasan province. Kashmiri raisins are usually dried in a dark environment to preserve their green color.

Kashmiri raisins come in two colors, green and gold. The only difference is that sulfur dioxide gas is used to produce golden Kashmiri raisins.

Red raisins (seedless)

Red raisins (seedless)

This type of raisin is made from seedless red grapes and is usually different in color and size from sun-dried raisins. This raisin has a sweet to sour taste depending on the type of grape it is made from.

Red raisins have anti-cancer properties, they lower blood pressure and prevent diabetes.

Golden raisins

Golden raisins

Golden raisins, like sultanas, are made from Thompson seedless grapes or seedless yellow grapes. To prevent discoloration, raisins are made in a dehydrator. In some cases, sulfur dioxide is used in the production process to maintain the golden color. This type of raisin has a less caramel taste than Aftabi raisins.


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This type of raisin has a dark color and is made from a special grape variety called Black Corinth. This particular grape variety is grown in the port city of the same name in Greece. Raisins are also known as Zante. This type of raisin is often packaged with other dried fruits. Sometimes it is also sold as “black currants”. However, it should be noted that despite this naming, currants have nothing to do with the berry family.

difference between raisins

How can you tell the difference between raisins, sultanas, and currants?

It is a little confusing to know the differences between these three types of raisins because they have different names around the world. For example, Americans use the term raisin for both raisins and sultanas. Of course, sultana is sometimes called “Golden Raisin”.

In some countries, raisins and sultana are made with different grapes and different processing methods. It is good to know that what is known as raisins in most countries is obtained by drying grapes in a time of about 3 weeks and has a dark brown color. Raisins have a dark color, sweet taste and soft texture. In terms of size, raisins are usually larger than sultanas and currants.

Sultanas are sweeter than raisins and have the lightest color among these three varieties. Currants are darker in color and smaller in size than raisins and sultanas.


The best way to store raisins

Raisins can be stored indefinitely in vaccum bags or sealed containers away from sunlight, heat and moisture. It should be noted that the natural sugars in raisins may appear as crystalline deposits on the surface over time. In this case, it is better to soak them in warm water before eating. Storing raisins in the refrigerator can prevent sugar from crystallizing. After leaving the freezer, raisins quickly return to their original and fresh state at room temperature.

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Types of packaged raisins offered by Kourosh Foods

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