What is the best packaging for dried fruits?

dried fruits

How familiar are you with dried fruits and their packaging process?(What is the best packaging for nuts?)

If you are a producer of dried fruits, you must always think of the best option for packing. The packaging of dried fruits or fruit chips should be such that in addition to maintain the quality of the product prevent the penetration of contamination, it also gives a neat appearance. In this article, we point out the most important things that any reputable manufacturer or exporter should pay attention to are the packing of their goods. Then we take a look at the types of Iranian dried fruits and nuts packaging and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, we will introduce the best container for packing dried fruit. What are the health benefits of dried fruit?

What is the best packaging for dried fruits

Packaging of dried fruits

These fruits, which many people consider to be fruit candy or fruit chips in different flavors and tastes, are approved by all nutritionists; Dried fruits have many benefits. The most important benefits of dried fruits are as follows: •Easy to use 

•You can easily carry them out everywhere

•Most of them can be shipped by dry containers, which decreased the cost

•Provide the vitamins, nutrients, and proteins your body needs easily

•Can use the vitamin of fruits in not harvesting seasons 

In this article you will read:

 •Important items in the packaging of fruit chips•Types of dried fruit packing

Important items in the packaging of dried fruit 

Packaging is one of the most important parts of the production and supplying of any product. Eye-catching, food grade and high-quality packing is very effective in increasing the sales of the final product. There are no well-thought-out costs for packing; it is an investment. The appearance and packing design of any product is the best advertisement for that product. If you go for the most stylish and creative packing for your product, not only will you not lose, but you will have more sales. Because you create a credible and different image of your brand in the mind of the customer.

 •The packing must be such that the product inside it is protected against any damage during storage and transportation;

•Utensils and containers used for packing dried fruit must be new, healthy, clean, dry, and without any contamination and unpleasant odor;

 •packing should be such that the product is protected from moisture and light and do not penetrate dust and dirt.

 •Finally, it is better than the net weight of each package does not exceed 10 kg.

best packaging for dried fruits

Types of dried fruit packaging

We have two general packing types in dried fruits:

  • Bulk packing
  • Small packing

Bulk packing:

 Bulk packing mostly used in wholesale markets, for customers who are distributors, manufacturer or packers of dried fruits. Bulk packing can be in cartons with food grade liners, or in bags/jumbo bags, 

Small packing:

 For retails market we need to pack dried fruits in different types in different packing, there are some types of packing which is mostly used for small packing:

1-Packing with polyethylene (PE), or propylene (PP), which can be in different shape such as: Pillow bags, Stand up bags,  Quadro bags, Doypack bags,..

2-Crystal containers: which can be in different shape and size by customer request Polycrystalline or crystal containers are also a good choice for packing fruit chips. These containers are made of polystyrene, which is a very durable plastic material. Polystyrene has many fans in the packing industry due to its durability and cost-effectiveness.Other advantages of crystal containers include transparency, hardness, and low water absorption. It is noteworthy that this packing material has little polarity; Therefore, it is a good insulator for temperature and humidity. Of course, the disadvantage of these dishes compared to kraft can be considered their higher price.

3-In some cases such as Mazafati date, small carton (cardboard) can be also used for small packing of dried fruits for retails market.

packaging dried fruits

•The most important item which should be observed in any food packaging including the dried fruits packaging, is to use the food grade material for the layer which is in direct intouch with products.   •Usually factories which are manufacturer of food packaging use the food grade material and have the certificate of “food grade” for materials used for inside layer of packaging.



In this article, we first discussed the role of dried fruit packaging in the sale of this product. We said that packing is one of the most important parts of the production and supply of any product, including dried fruit or fruit chips. Eye-catching, clean, and quality packing has a great role in increasing the sales of the product in domestic and foreign markets, and then we introduced two types of general packaging in dried fruits and we also briefly explained their uses.

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