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Best nuts in the world

Iranian nuts usually have a hard shell and a seed inside, which is generally edible and very nutritious. They are delicious and full of energy also they are full of Vitamins and Minerals. Iran is known for the export of the best tasting nuts in the world. Nuts are full of vitamins and nutritious particles and they are suitable for children. 

If stored in a proper way, the shelf life of high quality nuts can be about 12 months by Keeping them in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight. if you live in a warm climate, it’s recommended that you store your nuts in a refrigerator.

In this article I will talk about the best nuts to eat and the nutritional value of them. What Are The Health Benefits Of Nuts? please continue reading, if you are seeking a healthier diet.


Top 7 nuts in the world

  1. Persian walnut

Hamedan province is famous for the best walnut product in Iran. Persian walnut is cultivated vastly for their fine-quality edible seeds. Walnuts provide excellent protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Walnuts are considered as the best source of manganese and copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Walnuts are rich in potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Studies show that consuming 1–2 ounces (28–57 grams) of Iranian walnuts per day may improve brain function and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

  1. Pistachio 

Iranian pistachios are a great source of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory traits, fiber, protein, antioxidants and various nutrients including vitamin B6. There is no doubt that pistachio has a great impact on your health and it is good to know, that pistachios are a great source of Potassium and anti-oxidants as well. You can consume up to two handfuls of this luxurious nut on a daily basis. Pistachios have several health benefits such as:

• Lessen the chance of cardiovascular diseases. 

• the high amount of protein that pistachios contain, will cause you to feel full for a longer timespan therefore, it’s a great snack if you are on a diet. 

• A great source of minerals.

  1. Sunflower seed

Sunflower seeds are commonly used in Iran as nutritious table snack. Sunflower seed is a great source of several nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium and beneficial plant compounds that can help prevent multiple chronic diseases. Iranian sunflower seed is also filled with healthy Fat and contains a great deal of energy within.

Health benefits of big sunflower seed:

  • The high amounts of Vitamins and minerals in sunflower seeds can support your immune system and help you conquer better with different kinds of viruses. 
  • Sun flower seeds can help improve your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  1. Peanuts 

Iranian peanuts contain high amounts of vitamin B3, vitamin E and zinc. Peanuts are also a good source of protein and Fiber. They are an excellent source of multiple vitamins and minerals, such as Copper, Manganese, Folate and Magnesium. Persian peanuts are a rich source of protein. 100 grams of Iranian peanut contains 567 calories. Therefore, peanuts are considered as an energy booster in your diet.

Health benefits of peanuts:

–  Peanuts are a great source of Zinc which is important for the development of proteins and for renewing tissues. 

– They are also filled with Vitamin E. this vitamin is considered as a strong antioxidant which can be an important factor in preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

– The amounts of Vitamin B3 that is in peanuts can play a big role in the functioning of the nervous system. It also helps maintaining healthy skin.

  1.   Almond

Iran is ranked 5th among the world’s leading almond producers and exporters. Almonds have a lower amount of protein content compared to other types of nuts. But almonds are a great source of nutrients and a very good snack for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to potato chips.

  1. Hazelnut 

Hazelnuts contain particularly high amounts of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium. This type of nut is known for helping you to improve your diet quality and increase your antioxidant intake. 

  1. Macadamia nut

Macadamia nuts are famous or their buttery texture. These nuts are high in healthy fats and lower in carbohydrates compared to other types of nuts. Macadamia nuts ae a source of healthy fats, dietary Fiber, protein, Copper and Vitamin B.

Health benefits of Macadamia nuts:

  • They are a rich source of anti-oxidants which can help preventing conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular and heart diseases.
  • High amount of dietary fiber in the macadamia nuts can lead to an easier and more efficient weight loss journey.

Facts about the best nuts in the world you did not know

  1. The peanut is not a tree nut, but a ground nut. Technically ground nut and pea nut are legumes but usually used interchangeably although are different.  Peanuts are the most consumed groundnut in the world meanwhile almond is known as the most consumed tree nut.
  2. Middle eastern pistachios are known to be more flavored.
  3. Walnuts are recognized as the oldest tree food known to mankind.
  4. California is responsible for the production of 80% of the world’s almond supply.
  5. Macadamia nuts have the hardest shell amongst the nuts in the world.


If you are motivated to start a healthy lifestyle and you need a superfood in your diet to increase your energy and benefit your health, Iran has the best quality nuts, therefore, they can be the perfect choice for you. 

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