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Dried figs exporting countries provide different types of figs. Different types of dried fig are very high in nutritional value and they are a great source for Protein, Fiber, Vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and etc. Some researchers believe that figs have antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, fat-lowering and cell-protective traits. Dried fig varieties can be soaked in ½ cup of water overnight and you can consume it the day after. If you eat dried figs with an empty stomach, it can help you to lose weight.

Figs have the following benefits for your health:

1.       They help Diabetes and glucose control.

2.       They enhance skin health.

3.       Great for digestive disorders

4.       They enhance hair health. 

5.       Great for special dietaries.

In order to choose the tastiest dried figs, you must know the biggest exporter of dried figs. Keep on reading to find more out. 


Dried figs which come in hundreds of types and varieties, play a considerable role in the economy of many of the countries with exportation along the Fertile Crescent.

  1. Turkey 

Turkey is known to be the biggest exporter of dried figs. This country is known as the biggest producer and exporter in the world for Sun Dried figs fruits. 60-70% of world’s dried figs production and 75% of the world’s dried figs export is being made by Turkey.

  1. Afghanistan

Ziba figs grow in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. They are fully ripened and sun-dried on the tree before being hand-picked and flattened into disks. Afghanistan is amongst the biggest dried figs exporter countries. 

  1. Iran 

There are several types of Iranian Dried fig such as:      

  • Dried fig parak

The nutritional value of dried fig Parak is significantly high. Parak dried fig are fully blossomed and open mouth dried figs.   

  • Open mouth dried fig

The color of open mouth dried fig is white color or slightly yellow. We can divide Iran open mouth fig into different size and name categories based on their size: 

• 101, AAA: over 23mm in size, completely open mouth, white or light-yellow color

• 101, AA: same as 101 AAA by size between 21-23mm

• 101, A: same as 101 AAA by size between 18-20mm

• 101, Parak: the mouth is completely open, limited in quantity, luxury and expensive

  • Close mouth dried fig

We can categorize Iran close mouth dried fig into categories based on their size: 

• Type A: size 18-21mm, the premium quality is dedicated to white or yellow, price will decrease in the darker colors

• Type AA: size 21-23mm, the premium quality is dedicated to white or yellow, price will decrease in the darker colors

• Type AAA: size larger than 23mm, the premium quality is dedicated to white or yellow, price will decrease in the darker colors

  • Mixed of open and close mouth

Persian mixed of open and closed mouth is basically a mix of high quality open and closed mouth dried figs. We can categorize Iranian mixed of open and closed mouth into 3 categories based on their size:

• Type A: 18-21mm

• Type AA: 21-23mm

• Type AAA: size over 23mm

If you are looking for good dried figs, it is better to read Where to buy dried figs? article.

Dried figs price

Price of dried fig is highly sensitive to your choice of type and quality and dried figs from different countries have variable cost structures.


Last word

You can add different types of dried figs to your daily diet if you are looking for A boost on your energy levels from a healthy source of energy. Now that you know Dried figs exporting countries, choose wisely and don’t miss out on this nutritious snack and add it to your daily consumption list.

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