How to make peach concentrate

peach juice concentrate

The peach concentrate is a thick fruit juice that has a large amount of juice removed under a special process, then a jam-like formation or syrup solution remained. Peach is a summer fruit, so the purpose of producing peach concentrate is to preserve this fruit for a longer period during the whole year. By using peach concentrate, you can enjoy the pleasant aroma and taste of this fruit both in the form of juice and in producing chocolates, cakes, and other drinks. Korosh Foods Company, fruit concentrate suppliers , to order, refer to the fruit concentrate page on the website.

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How to make peach concentrate?

Fruit concentrate can be stored for future use, mixed with water to produce high-quality fruit juice, and being used as flavoring in beverages. Here are the steps for concentrated peach production:

  1. The first step in the production of peach concentrate is the separation of healthy and unblemished peaches from spoiled peaches, which is done very carefully in the factory.
  2. At this stage, the peaches are completely washed to remove dust and pesticides from the peach skin. This is done by using special and modern machines.
  3. Peaches are pressed and crushed under pressure tools to be ready to take their juice apart. During this process, their pits are separated.
  4. Now the peaches that have been pressed and crushed are placed in the juice extraction stage) dehydrate) to become fruit juice.
  5. Now, the extracted juice from peaches is filtered to remove solids such as pulp. Then the Clear peach juice remains.
  6. Peach Juice is heated to evaporate a large amount of its water content. Then the purification of juice is done. It can be done through three methods namely vacuum evaporation, reverse osmosis, or freezing.
  7. Pasteurization is done to kill any bacteria or microorganisms in the concentrated peach. This helps the concentrated peach to last longer.
  8. Now the peach concentrate is cooled and stored in special containers to maintain its quality and freshness. The packed concentrate is stored in cool places.

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How to make peach concentrate

How to make peach juice concentrate?

One of the main uses of peach concentrate is to use it to produce quality juice, which can be done both at home and in a concentrated juice factory. Here are the peach juice processing steps in the factory:

  • The main step in producing juice from concentrated peach is adding the right amount of water to dilute it until it reaches the desired concentration and taste.
  • Peach is a fruit with a very pleasant aroma and taste. At this stage, the peach aroma is added to the concentrated liquid by a stirring mechanism to give strength to the aroma and flavor of the juice.
  • Straining and purifying the peach juice are done at this stage so that the juice will be clarified from foam and remaining solid particles of concentrated peach.
  • The process of pasteurizing the prepared juice is done in this step to increase the shelf life of the product.
  • After pasteurizing and sterilizing peach juice, the juice’s temperature is reduced and poured and stored in suitable packages.
Peach juice concentrate is one of the most popular juices that offer a good flavor to the fans of this special fruit all year round.

Nutritional values

During the production process of peach concentrate in Kourosh Foods Company, all the properties, vitamins, and minerals of this healthy and delicious fruit remain and are not lost. Korosh Foods Company is a Dried fruit supplier in Iran. Click to order.

The aseptic peach puree brix 30-32 nutrients include:

Calories:              113.40

Protein:               2.49 g

Carbohydrates: 25.20 g

Dietary Fiber:     4.19 g

Sugar-Total:        19.85 g

Total Fat:             0.30 g

Cholesterol:        0.00 mg

Vitamin A:           654.0 IU

Vitamin C:           49.70 mg

Calcium:              0.00 mg

Iron:                    2.00 mg

Sodium:               6.90 mg

How to make peach juice concentrate

What we do in Kourosh Foods

One of the factors that contribute to the quality of fruit juice or fruit concentrate is applying the most up-to-date devices and industrial machines. In Kourosh Foods Company, the most modern facilities are used to concentrate all kinds of fruits, wholesale juice supplier concentrate, especially peaches, in a completely hygienic and healthy way. We are proud to cooperate with customers all over the world as well as juice manufacturers that produce juice from fruit concentrate.

Last Note

In this article, we explained the method of preparing peach concentrate and how to make peach juice concentrate in Kourosh Foods Company. Fruit concentrates are produced in hygienic conditions using the newest machines. If you are a fruit juice producer, order peach concentrate in bulk today and offer the good taste of peach juice to your customers.

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