Benefits of Dried Orange Slices

dried orange

Benefits of Dried Orange Slices

Dried Orange Slices

Dried orange slices can be eaten as a healthy food that you can eat between main meals and it is a great flavoring that you can add to your foods, cakes or drinks. Iranian dried fruits and nuts slices have a pleasant smell. Dried oranges contain plenty of nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidants. You can eat dried orange slices instead of junk food. Oranges have a lot of properties and the properties are the same in the dried orange slices. Dried oranges with their pleasant aroma make the mouth fragrant and increase the health of the teeth. One of the properties of dried orange fruit is that it is an excellent flavoring for tea and food. The aroma and taste of dried oranges, along with afternoon tea, can eliminate all the tiredness of the day for you. Also, its use in a variety of foods, in addition to making the food taste good, makes it very nutritious. Cut the dried orange into small pieces and use it to decorate jellies and desserts. You can keep the dried oranges in a cold place and it should be away from the direct sunlight. It is highly recommended to keep the dried orange slices in a jar to preserve them and keep them for a long time. 

Dried Orange

The benefits of Dried Orange Slices 

If you want to keep fit you can eat dried orange slices and follow your weight loss diet at the same time. Dried oranges help your digestion process. These fruit slices have a lot of fiber in them. Diabetic people can eat dried orange slices and there is no limitation for them because dried oranges lower blood glucose levels. Dried oranges stop the formation of harmful cholesterol in the blood and reduce the harmful cholesterol in the blood. As you know, having dried oranges in your diet is excellent. Also, people with diabetes can use this product in their daily meals because it does not harm them. Dried orange slices have a soothing property and it is antispasmodic. If you are filled with nausea you can have some slices of dried orange to stop it. Dried orange is against inflammation and it has a wide range of antioxidants such as flavonoids that can help to fight against various kinds of cancer. Dried orange slices are very advantageous in treating constipation, especially for children.

Nowadays, infectious diseases are spreading; dried oranges prevent these diseases since they are a good source of vitamin C. You can put dried orange slices in your cup of tea and add some honey to it. This drink will help you to reinforce your joints.  To stop rheumatism, you can eat dried fruits together. The dried plums, oranges, and apples can be a great combination. Dried orange slices can help to lower your body temperature and it is recommended to reduce your fever.  Vitamin C in oranges acts as a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals. Free radicals damage your body cells and are a major cause of cancer. To protect yourself against various types of cancer, consume enough vitamin C in dried oranges. In addition, free radicals oxidize blood cholesterol, gradually clogging blood vessels and blocking blood flow. The progression of this problem leads to cardiac arrest or stroke. Prevent these problems by consuming oranges, both fresh and dried. Vitamin C reduces inflammation caused by free radicals. These inflammations are the main cause of asthma, arthritis, and rheumatism.

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Where to buy dried orange slices?

 This dried fruit can be consumed as a brunch or your afternoon snack. Our dried orange slices are packaged in a completely hygienic place. Our dried fruits are under food safety standards and have the health apple label. You can buy bulk dried orange slices packages with the highest quality. We care about our customer’s satisfaction and we do our best to reach this goal. This excellent and unique product can be easily purchased from our online shops. The price of this product is very reasonable compared to its quality because the consumer can easily afford to buy these packages. The packages have different sizes and each package has a specific weight. You can order different kinds of dried fruits from our website.

How to make dried orange slices?

 You can follow two methods to make your orange slices dried.

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The first method:

 drying in the ovenFirst, wash the oranges well and remove the stained parts. Use a sharp knife and first cut the orange into thin slices, making sure that it is not more than 1 centimeters thick. Then, Place the orange slices on a clean napkin to remove excess water. Both sides of an orange slice should be covered with sugar or sweet drink to prevent the orange from becoming bitter. To make a sweet drink, you just need to dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and put it on the fire to boil, and make a strong sweet drink. The sugar or the sweet drink not only sweetens the oranges but also makes them shiny when they get dried.  Then place the fruit slices directly on the oven tray and wait for four or six hours to dry in the oven. Do not forget that the oven temperature should be a maximum of 70 degrees and stir every half hour so that the orange does not turn black. The timing of the oven depends on the thickness of the orange slices. After about six hours, the oranges are ready to come out of the oven.


The second method:

 drying orange slices with a fruit dryerFirst, cut the oranges with a knife according to the previous recipe. Make sure the oranges are not thicker than 1 centimeter. Put the orange slices on a layer of the tray and place them inside the device. Set the device temperature to 57 degrees Celsius. The drying time of oranges depends on the thickness of the slices and the amount of water in them, but it takes 1-2 days for them to dry completely. To prevent the dried orange slices from drying out too much, we should turn them upside down every 8 hours. 

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