As we are getting close to harvesting time we receive more data from the market and iran raisins.
Unlike last year which enough rainfall and good weather condition caused increased in quantity of Iranian raisins, this year unfortunately due to decreased rainfall, severe drought, frostbite at early crop year and very hot weather in Iran, the amount of crop has decreased much, so that 20-30% in overall and up to 50% in some regions such as Takestan, decrease in crop volume reported.
Carryover would be about 25000 MT which is mostly from Sultana dark color.
Harvesting time would be start in next three weeks and would continue till the end of September.
The quality and quantity of crop year beside the movement of US$ currency against Rial in the coming crop will be key factors determining the price levels of new crop, although unfortunately at the moment due to limited quantity we are facing price increasing in raw material even before harvesting time start completely.
We keep monitoring the market and vineyards and keep you updated about more information till the harvesting time.
Hope this information would be useful, for further information please do not hesitate to contact.

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