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Wholesale sales of organic date paste


Learn more about the wholesale of organic date paste!

Date paste is one of the most important products of date fruit that has many properties and can be used as one of the most nutritious foods for various purposes. Some manufacturers, by implementing a special process along with the date product, also sell organic date paste in bulk. In this article, we are going to talk about the wholesale sales of organic date paste with you dear ones, stay with us.

Wholesale sales of organic date paste
Dates are considered a tropical fruit and the palm tree can be found in countries such as Saudi Arabia and other tropical countries in the equator. In Iran, dates are grown in southern and tropical provinces such as Hormozgan, Kerman, Sistan and .... Interestingly, the palm tree has a gender and from a distance in a grove, the eddy tree is quite distinguishable from the male tree. Female bees are typically taller than male palms and their trunk diameters are narrower than male trees planted at the same time. Date fruits are divided into three types: Khark, Rotab and Tamr.

Date kernels are used for baking bread and making coffee. On the other hand, the thorns of female trees grow in parallel, but in male date trees, the thorns grow crosswise. The palm tree also has separate uses from its fruit, such as the date palm can be used to produce a variety of baskets, kilims and brooms. The date palm has many products, of which date paste is one of the most important, and its consumption has become common among many people.



Steps to prepare the best bulk date paste
 First, in traditional or mechanized methods (in Kourosh company, all dates collected are mechanized), different types of dates are collected from the tree and then sent to the factory. Collected dates are completely washable without human intervention. (Washing film, if any, can be linked and is very effective).

• Dates washed during different processes based on size, quality, color, taste and aroma are separated from each other and placed in the company's packaging.

• In terms of color, dates have two main colors, brown and black. Fully ripened dates are usually black and dates that have been less light during their growth are usually light brown in color.

• To convert dates into date paste, caps, kernels and date skins are separated from it by advanced machines so that it can be processed in the next step.

• The amount of moisture in this processing is an important point, therefore, the dates obtained from the previous step are measured by hygrometers and if the amount of moisture is allowed in the range, it is crushed by grinders. Finally, date paste can be produced.

• The quality control of dates is continuously measured during different processes and if there is a problem in the quality of the final product or the quality of the product is low in general, it is excluded from the production process.

• It is worth considering that in Kourosh Company, date paste is prepared in a completely organic and natural way and no additives such as sugar, artificial colors and oil are added to it.



Some uses of organic date paste

• Date paste has a warm nature and is a very suitable and delicious product for people who have a cold temperament. As you know, some foods such as fish, yogurt, buttermilk, etc. have a cold nature, and this cold is the cause of many different diseases in the body according to traditional doctors. To reduce the coldness and balance the nature of these models, which can be seen in large numbers on the public table, date paste can be used as a very strong remedy.

• Date dough contains a lot of vitamins, niacin and folic acid, which can play an important role in the health of the body. For example, B vitamins increase the production of red blood cells in the body, which prevents the development of anemia in the body.

• Date paste can also be used to prepare a variety of sweets, cakes, desserts and potions. As you know, in date bread, a traditional product produced in Kermanshah and Yazd provinces, date paste is used to cook this delicious dessert.

• The use of date paste is not only considered in traditional and small workshops, but also some large confectionery and even industrial workshops to produce products such as cakes and sweets to prepare more economically economically or to prevent the addition of sugar And industrial sugar for diabetics add organic date paste to their desired product. If you are also a major consumer of organic date paste, you can easily access it by choosing this product of Cyrus.

• Organic date paste contains large amounts of minerals such as iron, manganese and zinc. Each of these plays a role in the regulation and function of the body. For example, iron plays a major role in the structure of hemoglobin and myoglobin, both of which play a key role in regulating blood oxygen. On the other hand, manganese and zinc increase the production of collagen protein in the skin, which also stimulates the hair follicles, thus important parameters in hair growth and skin freshness find a more basic and regular function in the body, and this It is one of the important applications of organic date paste.

• Another effect of date paste is to regulate blood sugar. As you know, the natural sugar in date paste prevents high blood sugar and increases glucose storage in muscle tissue and liver. As a result, blood sugar levels are reduced by consuming date paste, and this plays an important role in controlling various types of acquired diabetes.



The best suppliers of date paste

• Buying and selling date paste is done in two parts, major and minor. Most partial purchases are used for household purposes, such as baking cakes. While the major purchase is to produce various products in confectioneries and factories of interest.

• To buy organic date paste for personal use, you can refer to the union production centers or shops selling organic date paste, and if you are a major consumer of this attractive product, you can contact the sales department of Kourosh date paste.

• To buy organic date paste, it is enough to complete the form, enter into negotiations with the experts of the collection, so that the first-class Iranian product will be sent to you in the agreed manner.

The final word
In this article, we tried to talk to you dear ones about the characteristics of different types of date paste and the wholesale sales of organic date paste. We hope that this information will be to your liking and satisfaction. As mentioned in the text, you can send your request to the experts of Kourosh Nuts and Beans Industry through the following link and benefit from free advice for buying bulk organic date paste.

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