CROP REPORT OF SAYER and Mazafati DATE-Aug 2021

Summer is half over now and harvesting is almost started from more southern cities such as Iranshahr, Rigan,… and will be continue with other cities and finally Bam city in coming 2 weeks.

Accords to reports received from palm trees due to high temperature and bad weather condition in spring and summer we have 15-20% increase in Mazafati dates price in iran.
Carryover of crop 2020 would be about zero which along with decreasing of new crop volume we would face a bounce raw material pricing. (Up to 30% increasing predicted in new crop pricing).
Dried and semi dried Sayer date
Dried date trees have better condition compare to mazafati dates iran price, up to now, no damages and decreases reported but due to the severe decrease in rainfall and water shortage, the size of the dates is smaller than the previous year and the predominant size in Sayer date would be FAQ and GAQ
About 26000 Tones carryover is predicted to all types of dried and semi dried date.
Harvesting time would be started from early September.
The quality and quantity of crop year beside the movement of US$ currency against Rial in the coming crop will be key factors determining the dates price in iran levels of new crop. At the moment we are facing increasing Rial up to USD rate which has influenced on all types of raw material and packaging prices.
We keep monitoring the market and palm grove and keep you updated about more information till the harvesting time.
Hope this information would be useful, for further information please do not hesitate to contact.

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