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Dried Fig-Parak


Closed-mouth Dried Fig

Mixed of Open & Closed Mouth

Figs are best cultivated in the temperate parts of the world, in sunny and dry regions. Ficus carica, the fig tree, is a resilient plant able to withstand seasonal droughts and grow with no need for any type of irrigation. These characteristics make the subtropics like the Mediterranean and the Middle East suitable habitats for this plant.
Iran has had a long history in the cultivation of figs and is home to the largest rainfed orchard in the world. According to FAO reports it has been among the top five fig cultivators worldwide. Figs are commercially grown mostly in the southern parts of Iran, in particular the Fars province with a harvested area of +42,000 hectares and production of +36,000MT, most of which is intended for drying. Notable regions of the Fars province under fig cultivation include Estahban (23000 ha), Neyriz (8000 ha), Darab (4800 ha), Jahrom (3800 ha), and Kazerun (3200 ha). According to the most recent INC yearbook statistics, Iran with a five-year average of 18% holds second place in the production of dried figs worldwide. The major markets for this type of fig are South East Asia and Arabia.