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Iran is the second largest producer of dates after Egypt. It has an annual production of close to 1,000,000 MT of varieties of table and industrial dates. According to INC stats it is among the top 3 exporters of table dates.
Dates are cultivated in the hot southern regions of Iran. The main areas that produce dates in Iran are Hormozgan 21.6%, Kerman 21.1%, Khusistan 17.6%, Bushehr 13.4%, Beluchestan 12.2%, and Fars 12.3%.
Whole dates are harvested and marketed at three stages of their development (Kharak, Rotab and Tamr) depending on the variety, climatic conditions and market demand. In each stage the color, texture, taste, size and chemical composition of the date fruit changes.
There are nearly 400 varieties of dates available in Iran but there are only a handful that are commercially available and demanded worldwide. We at Kourosh Dried Fruit and Legumes Industry are able to supply the following varieties in qualities and grades suited to your requirements